Melania Trump Reportedly Pushed To ‘Breaking Point’ With Donald Trump Amid Divorce Rumors, Claims ‘In Touch’

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It’s been weeks since the first rumors began about President Donald Trump, Stormy Daniels, and their alleged affair, and reports about First Lady Melania Trump’s alleged reaction to those rumors continue to flood the internet. As speculation that Melania and Trump might divorce continues to swirl, one insider told In Touch about the first lady’s true feelings about splitting. The publication also reported on Melania’s supposed reaction to Stormy’s shocking interview more than a week ago with 60 Minutes.

President Donald Trump Reportedly “Mortified” Melania Trump

Claiming that Donald Trump’s wife is unhappy about the situation, the source described Melania as having reached her “breaking point.” While the insider admitted that the rumors continuing about Trump and Stormy Daniels are troubling Melania, the source clarified that the alleged problems in their marriage go beyond Stormy’s claims of having a sexual affair with the president.

Even before Inauguration Day, Trump allegedly embarrassed Melania with his antics, claimed the insider.

“From the infamous ‘grab ’em by the p***y’ Access Hollywood tape to [Donald Trump’s] porn star past, [Melania Trump has] been completely humiliated.”

While Melania is extremely strong, according to the source, she has found it “mortifying” to have the spotlight on her marriage and relationship with Trump.

Melania Trump Rumored To Have One Rule — And Donald Trump Reportedly Broke It

The former model and mother has one strict rule when it comes to how those around her treat her, added the insider.

“Melania has always had one cardinal rule: Don’t embarrass me.”

But for months, Melania reportedly feels that Trump has been breaking that rule. Her feelings of humiliation allegedly began prior to their move to the White House. The source claims that even before Trump earned the title of president, Melania has faced “one humiliating story after another” in the media. But the first lady hasn’t shown any sign of trouble on social media, sharing upbeat images on Twitter.


The source praised Melania as a “very strong woman,” but noted that she’s increasingly troubled by the reports about Trump.

First Lady Concerned About First Son Barron Trump

Melania also reportedly is worried about how all the allegations swirling around Donald Trump will affect their son, 12-year-old Barron Trump, said the insider.

“Melania doesn’t want her family, especially Barron, to have to deal with these vulgar reports. She’s at the end of her rope.”

While the source claims that Melania has been pushed to the breaking point by the rumors, however, In Touch reported that Melania’s and Donald’s marriage problems haven’t turned into a situation where divorce is likely. The publication claimed that divorce isn’t even an option at this point.

Will Melania Trump Divorce Donald Trump? A Family Friend Casts A Vote

In addition to the publication’s dismissal of divorce rumors, Trump family friend Federico Pignatelli, who owns Pier 59 Studios in New York City, challenged the divorce reports in an interview with the magazine. Pignatelli clarified that Melania is particularly upset by what she believes are fake accusations.

The family insider believes that despite everything, Melania may stand by her man. However, the studio owner did admit that the First Lady is feeling “annoyed.” To avoid giving “credibility to all these people attacking the president’s reputation,” Melania prefers not to talk about the rumors, explained Pignatelli.

First Lady Melania Trump stood by her man President Donald Trump as he stood on the White House's Truman Balcony to discuss the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, which included an enormous Easter bunny.
First Lady Melania Trump stood by her man President Donald Trump as he stood on the White House's Truman Balcony to discuss the annual White House Easter Egg Roll, which included an enormous Easter bunny. Featured image credit: Carolyn KasterAP Images

Easter Celebration Shows No Shadow Of Divorce

Despite the ongoing rumors that Melania’s and Trump’s marriage may end in divorce, Easter brought sunny skies, smiles, and even a kiss for the couple. The traditional Easter Egg Roll celebration at the White House took place, turning the spotlight on the First Lady and President Trump, reported the Daily Mail.

“[Donald Trump] also gave [Melania Trump] a kiss for the cameras.”

With no hint of the allegations of affairs and marriage problems, the president had praise for everyone and everything. He expressed his appreciation to the weather for being so cooperative, to the White House staff for getting the famed mansion in “tippy-top shape,” and his wife.

Trump told Melania that she had done an “incredible job” in planning the celebration. Barron Trump was present as well.