‘Dragon Ball Super’ Movie: Son Goku Likely To Unlock New Power Level, According To Emergency Awesome

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With the conclusion of the Tournament of Power a couple of weeks ago, many Dragon Ball fans wonder what will be next for series protagonist Son Goku and his Universe 7 friends. So far, the initial teaser trailer for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super movie is giving hints of another massive battle ahead, one that will likely feature Goku going up against a very strong warrior from the past.

The Dragon Ball Super movie, which is slated for release in December, will serve as the direct sequel to the original DB Super anime series. As every Dragon Ball fans should know, the ever-evolving Goku has just attained at least four new transformations throughout the duration of the Super series, if the imperfect Ultra Instinct or canonically referred as Ultra Instinct Omen is counted.

According to Charlie Schneider of YouTube channel Emergency Awesome, there’s a good chance for Goku to unlock a new power level in the movie. He really believes the strength of the opposition would eventually push Goku to reach the status of a Legendary Super Saiyan, which officially became canon recently with the introduction of Universe’s 6 Kale in the Tournament of Power arc.

Below is Schneider’s take on the whole Legendary Super Saiyan theory for the Dragon Ball Super movie.

Schneider introduced three possibilities for the Dragon Ball Super movie. Firstly, the villain could be either Yamoshi or Broly, though he thinks the former better fits the mold as the film’s main antagonist. Secondly, Ultra Instinct Goku will be a no-show in DBS movie and instead, Goku will unlock the legendary Super Saiyan form. Last but not the least, he thinks Android 17’s wish at the end of the tournament restored not only the participating universes wiped out during the course of the competition but also the other universes “squished” by the Omni-King prior to it.

Despite the teaser showing that iconic greenish glow usually radiating from Broly and Kale, Yamoshi seems to be the best bet to appear in the movie largely because of the mystique that surrounds him as the first Super Saiyan God. It’s always interesting to see Goku matching up against another powerful Saiyan warrior, and Yamoshi looks like a character who can bring a new dimension to the series.

As for the Ultra Instinct no-show, Schneider may also have a point since Goku, for unknown reasons, totally forgot how to tap into that Godly form. It’s worth mentioning that at the end of DBS Episode 131, Goku mentioned during a conversation with Vegeta that he just accidentally achieved Ultra Instinct at the heat of the tourney and no longer remembered how to reach the form.

Despite the introduction of Broly in this early 90s Dragon Ball Super movie, it took two decades before the Legendary Super Saiyan officially became cannon
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Last but not least, the theory about the revival of other universe seems legit, especially if Akira Toriyama intends to expand the Dragon Ball universe even further. More universes mean more formidable foes for Goku, Vegeta, and DB Super fighters. However, Schneider might have forgotten that Universe 6’s Planet Sadala isn’t the original homeworld of the ancient Saiyans. As a matter of fact, Universe 7 used to have a Planet Sadala, but unfortunately, it imploded following the civil war between Yamoshi and the bad Saiyans.

Nevertheless, the Emergency Awesome vlogger did a wonderful job providing new insights about the much anticipated Dragon Ball Super movie.