Shamea Morton Denies Betraying Porsha Williams To Sheree Whitfield

Did Shamea Morton really betray Porsha Williams? The latest The Real Housewives of Atlanta episode that aired on Sunday made it seem as though Shamea betrayed Porsha, whom she claims to be one of her best friends, by showing Sheree Whitfield a text that Porsha had sent her in confidence.

In the text to Shamea, Porsha supposedly explained that she left the group's vacation in Barcelona early because she didn't trust any of the rest of the housewives, including Sheree. The show made it seem that Sheree, after seeing that text, was livid that after sticking up for Porsha all season long, Porsha still didn't consider her a friend but rather someone who could be against her. However, according to Shamea, she didn't actually betray Porsha. Shamea is now claiming that the show was edited to make it seem she had betrayed Porsha.

After the episode aired, Shamea posted a photo of herself at Eva Marcille's Halloween party. It was at this party that Porsha was confronted with not trusting Sheree, despite all that she had done for her. At the party, Porsha also got the harsh treatment from Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton, and NeNe Leakes for the drug rape rumor that she helped spread against Kandi last season.

Not suprisingly, Porsha once again felt that she was unfairly ganged up upon by the women. With the exception of her sister, Porsha didn't seem to have anyone at the party sticking up for her. It seemed as if even Shamea didn't feel any remorse for supposedly outing Porsha to Sheree and didn't come to Porsha's defense when confronted by the other housewives.

In response to Shamea Morton's Instagram photo, many viewers left comments lashing out at her for betraying Porsha Williams to Sheree Whitfield. Shamea defended herself by saying that the scene was edited to make it seem that way. According to Shamea, she never showed Sheree the text that Porsha had sent her after leaving the group in Barcelona. Shamea explained that in response to Sheree asking her why Porsha left and what was wrong with her, she said that Porsha found it hard to trust people. Shamea added that when Sheree specifically asked if Porsha felt it was hard to trust her, she simply said that Porsha found it hard to trust everyone.

"shameamorton: @thefashionelites this scene was edited. But I digress. Bottom line, I never showed Porsha's text. I wouldn't betray her like that. Shereé asked why Porsha left and what's wrong w her. I said that she found it hard to trust people. When Shereé asked about herself I said everybody PERIOD, not singling anyone out. That wasn't a secret! It's facts!"

What Shamea claimed in defense of her critics may be true; it seems Porsha is still friends with Shamea. In response to Shamea's photo, Porsha left a compliment.

"porsha4real: Sexy fish lol"
While Sheree Whitfield didn't outright lash out at Porsha Williams at Eva Marcille's party, perhaps viewers will see her do so at the upcoming Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. Will viewers also see Shamea Morton come to Porsha's defense? After all, in a recent interview with E! News, Sheree said that the reunion show -- the first part of which airs this coming Sunday -- "gets really, really crazy." Sheree also called the reunion show "epic," "explosive," and "like a gang bang or something."