Couple Allegedly Ran A Brothel From Home They Shared With Three Young Children


A couple reportedly ran a brothel out of a house they were sharing with three young children. The New York Post is reporting that Brittany Patrick, 26, and boyfriend, Lukas Trout, 27, shared an Ingram apartment with their 18-month-old child as well as Patrick’s roommate who had two children, aged 8 and 10.

According to court documents, the 8- and 10-year-old children were at home on numerous occasions when the alleged sexual acts took place.

The Pennsylvania couple is facing charges of child endangerment. While Patrick has also been charged with prostitution, her boyfriend faces a conspiracy indictment.

Police were called to the Ingram apartment after receiving a slew of complaints from neighbors that men were always stopping in and out of the second-floor apartment, day and night. Investigations eventually yielded that the couple had placed multiple ads on an adult site offering sex for the right price.

A sting operation was organized and an undercover officer responded to the advertisement. The officer was invited to the apartment and upon his arrival, Trout directed him to the bedroom.

The couple was arrested by police.

During questioning, Patrick told investigators that she had been selling her body for four months to support her heroin habit.


According to Penn Live, the online ads placed by Trout and Patrick contained explicit pictures of the 26-year-old woman asking to meet “older generous gentlemen to play.”

The undercover officer that had responded to the ad had been quoted a price for the amorous act and sent an address.

When the officer arrived, Lukas Trout was purportedly outside the apartment holding an infant in his arms and had two young children with him.

The criminal report seen by CBS Pittsburgh indicated that Trout was expecting the undercover officer and knew why he was at the residence.


This is not the first time that a couple would be selling sex from a house with kids living there. In 2016, Justin Frazier and Beverle George were arrested for promoting prostitution and distributing drugs in a house they shared with two kids, aged 4 and 6, per a report from Fox 45.

Police had responded to a tip-off over suspicious activity at the residence.