Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom: 'American Idol' Judge Ready To Settle Down With Actor, Reports 'Hollywood Life'

Katy Perry has gotten a lot of love for her new job as a judge for American Idol Season 16. Despite all the attention that she's getting from both fans and critics, it appears that the only thing that matters to her is how Orlando Bloom feels about her. In fact, a new report claims that the "Swish Swish" hitmaker is finally ready to take her on-and-off relationship with the Pirates of the Caribbean actor to the next level.

According to a Hollywood Life source, the 33-year-old singer is done keeping her romance with Orlando Bloom on the down low. The insider revealed that Katy Perry is more than ready to make things official with the heartthrob after their reported reunion, and she's even ready to start a family with him.

"Katy doesn't want to make things very secret with Orlando Bloom, and if he wanted to marry her and have children, she would be all in," the source told the site.

"She has jokingly said to friends she would be a baby-making machine for him, but it is something that is drenched in truth."
Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom appeared to be ideal when they first dated but the couple eventually headed to splitsville and their hectic schedules are mostly to be blamed for it. However, the pair was reported to have reconciled even though they have not been spotted in public together as much as before. But just because they are not seen together often, doesn't mean that they don't have the hots for each other anymore.

"[Katy] has lots of feelings for [Orlando] and would love nothing more than to have their relationship work," the insider added.

"They are busy and they don't always get along, but she feels that he is soulmate material and is very interested in the day that everything comes together."
Many initially thought that Katy Perry was single as she was seen a sort of flirting with one of the American Idol Season 16 contestants, Trevor Holmes. The judge and the aspirant quickly garnered some shippers.

Unfortunately, Trevor Holmes currently has a girlfriend, who has been keeping an eye on Katy Perry during the audition and Hollywood Week. As it turns out, the "Roar" singer is actually off the market as well.