Wendy Williams: Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian Furious Over Talk-Show Host Bullying Rob, ‘Hollywood Life’ Reports

Astrid StawiarzGetty Images

Wendy Williams is continuing to keep herself in hot water with the Kardashians and their momager, Kris Jenner, who are furious over how the talk-show host has been addressing Rob in her most recent Hot Topics segment.

Earlier today, as revealed by Hollywood Life, Wendy had reported on the Six Flags incident between Blac Chyna and a supposed fan, who was alleged to have touched the hand of the former stripper’s daughter, Dream, whom she shares with Rob.

As the segment went on, Wendy Williams didn’t feel any sort of way when branding Blac’s ex-boyfriend as “Rob the Slob,” belittling the USC graduate for not being able to get his life in control and take action against Chyna and her behavior.

Wendy says that Chyna has the Kardashians, and her former partner, wrapped around her finger, adding that if the father of one doesn’t get a backbone, he’s going to struggle putting up with Blac for the next 17 years of his life.

Kris Jenner reportedly found the comments extremely hurtful, Hollywood Life shares, with an insider stressing that the 62-year-old is hoping to reach out to Williams to stop dissing her family in the most tasteless way possible.

Kris and Kim Kardashian have reportedly been disturbed by how Wendy Williams has addressed the family in recent months, with the 37-year-old reality star famously telling her fans back in March that she had considered the TV personality one of her biggest haters.

It’s very apparent at this point that the only thing Kris Jenner and her family wants is for Wendy Williams to stop belittling them and talking about situations she has no knowledge of.

As fans are aware, Rob has been struggling with anxiety issues since 2012, prompting him to gain a hefty amount of weight which greatly contributed to his decision to distance himself from family and friends.

Having Dream was said to have helped Rob deal with his own issues, but then to be seeing comments from Wendy Williams can definitely be hurtful to the 31-year-old, who is actively working on getting his life back on track.

It’s unclear whether Wendy Williams will respond to the Kardashians.