Courtney Alfred: High School Principal Allegedly Filmed Sex Tape With 17-Year-Old Student

Bedford Police Department

Courtney Alfred was arrested after police say the Ohio high school principal filmed a sex tape with one of her students.

The Ohio principal was arrested this week after a 17-year-old student came forward to claim that he had a sexual relationship with her, WOIO reported. The student reportedly told police that Alfred first kissed him in the school gym in December 2016, and that the relationship progressed from there. The two eventually had sex in Alfred’s van, the report added.

At some point, the 17-year-old victim allegedly filmed one of the sexual encounters with the school principal, and investigators said they used the clip to positively identify Courtney Alfred.

“He’s saying that he took video of them having sex and in that encounter, you see a tattoo,” Bedford Police Deputy Chief Rick Suts told KNXV. “We got a search warrant to see her tattoo, that tattoo matches the one on the video.”

It was not clear if any others saw the sex tape.

There was other evidence of the relationship, police claim, including text messages and money that Courtney Alfred sent to the victim’s account, which police say was a bribe to keep the boy from revealing the relationship to her husband.

As the New York Post noted, the school had previously learned about the alleged affair but cleared Courtney Alfred of wrongdoing and apparently did not contact police. It was not clear if she was still employed at the school after her arrest this week.

Alfred is the principal at Education Alternatives, a high school that serves students with emotional or educational difficulties.

Alfred’s arrest comes amid a series of high-profile allegations against teachers. Last month, former teacher Jessie Lorene Goline was sentenced to probation after facing accusations that she had sex with four different students, including two on the same night. She had originally faced up to 30 years in prison but avoided any jail time in a plea deal that generated some controversy. Investigators said only one of the four students was underage, and that the underage boy had told Goline he was over 18.


Courtney Alfred pleaded not guilty to a charge of sexual battery. She was released from jail on $25,000 bond.