Trump Admits Ivanka And Jared 'Screwed Up' Coming To D.C., According To New Book -- Ivanka Hunts For New House

It seems Steve Bannon has dished out some interesting behind-the-scenes allegations from his time at the White House to the author of an explosive new book. What he allegedly had to say about Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner to the author of this book put the couple in a rather different light - a light that shines a bit dull in comparison to that spotlight Trump himself shined on his daughter and her husband in the past.

According to the book penned by Ronald Kessler, The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game, Ivanka and Jared were called "nice people" but at the same time White House staff reportedly claim how they "don't know anything." Kessler writes that the White House staff mocked Ivanka and Jared for being all about "puppies and rainbows."

Raw Story reports how "Trump himself admitted that Ivanka and Jared 'screwed up' by coming to Washington," when describing what was said in this new book. As far as his daughter goes, Trump has repeatedly said how his daughter is smart and how she works hard at her job in the White House.

Trump also trotted out Jared at the beginning of his presidency as the man who would orchestrate peace in the Middle East. According to the Daily Mail, the book also adds the following.

"Aides also believed that he [Jared] was over his head with his 'platitudes' about achieving peace in the Middle East, but in reality 'had no real idea what he was doing.'"
The book conveys that Trump warned his daughter and son-in-law that "this town is going to kill you." Bannon told Kessler that Trump admitted several times that Ivanka and Jared coming to Washington was a mistake.

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner
AP Images | Pablo Martinez Monsivais

Bannon is quoted as saying in this book that the only reason Ivanka and Jared are in the White House is due to the Trump name, without it they'd be "Midlevel marketing managers somewhere," according to the Daily Mail. The book goes on to allege just how ill-prepared Ivanka and Jared were for their positions in the White House.

Bannon reports how he once butted heads with Ivanka who was allegedly adamant that she wouldn't go through White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus to get in to see her father. Bannon said she reminded him that "she is the first daughter, above the staff."

According to what Bannon told the author of the book, Trump allegedly admitted that Ivanka and Jared "jumped the gun" by moving to Washington D.C. and it was a mistake for them to be there. Some of the White House aides are quoted in the book as saying that Ivanka and Jared were "simply power-hungry."

As D.C. Curbed reports, it was January of 2017 when Ivanka and Jared left their Manhattan home and settled into a six-bedroom single-family house in the nation's capital. Their house is just a block away from former President Obama's home.

Now the couple is looking for a new home, one that will offer them more privacy in the bustling Washington D.C. area. This seems to go against Trump's alleged thoughts that Ivanka and Jared don't belong in Washington. It appears that they have no intention of leaving if they are looking for a family home nearby. Despite the allegations that Trump doesn't believe his daughter and son-in-law belong in D.C., they are intending to put down some roots.