Segway Inventors Create What Some Claim Is A Professional Bulimia Machine [Video]

A group of inventors-including Dean Kamen, the famed inventor behind the Segway, have created a device which lets you eat and actually suck out the calories.

The Aspire Assist is a stomach pump which sucks up to 30 percent of the food directly out of a person’s stomach. The pump is supposed to be used twenty minutes after eating in order to allow the brain to register that the stomach is full but not long enough to actually digest the food. The person actually connects a handheld device to a tube which has been implanted into their stomach and empties its contents into the toilet. (There’s a video if you’re so inclined to watch.)

According toABC’s Good Morning America, the Aspire Assist has already undergone clinical trials, with 24 obese patients losing an average of 45 lbs each over the period of a year.

One participant in the study, Mikael Cederhag, lost a whopping 64 lbs and is still losing weight (down to 200 lbs from his original size of 264 lbs.) Cederhag calls the Aspire Assist:

“…A solution that allows me to get my weight down and stay that way.”

However, a number of health practitioners and health critics have weighed in with shock and dismay. Associate Clinical Professor of Nutrition at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Keith Ayoob worries that it too closely resembles a “bulimia machine,” mimicking the behavior found in those with the eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, an illness in which a person binges and purges.

Jezbel writer Laura Beck also voices the fear “that this sort of automated bulimia won’t trigger actual eating disorders. Right? It’s basically a form of highly disordered eating, and creates a very unnatural relationship with food and its function.”

Inquisitr readers: Would you ever try to lose weight with something like the Aspire Assist stomach pump, or do you think it could be possibly dangerous?