Alexandra Kerry, daughter of John arrested on suspicion of DUI

36-year-old Alexandra Kerry was arrested in Hollywood early today on suspicion of driving under the influence.

You may remember Kerry, daughter of Senator John Kerry, for her sheer dress on the red carpet at Cannes in 2004. She was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Hollywood at 12:40 am and failed a sobriety test:

“Officers detected signs and symptoms of being under the influence of alcohol,” said Officer Bruce Borihanh of LAPD.

Kerry was booked at the Hollywood police station and held until 5:30 am when she posted $5,000 in bail. Borihanh did not immediately release other details, such as blood alcohol content. However, TMZ is reporting that Kerry’s BAC was 0.6, under the legal limit of 0.8. While that minor level of intoxication can be prosecuted should the driver be operating the vehicle erratically, TMZ also indicates that the charges against Alexandra Kerry are likely to be dropped.

In addition to her work on Sen. Kerry’s failed presidential bid in 2004, Alexandra Kerry is a film producer and director.