‘Supernatural’ Spoilers: Fans Can Expect To See Many Former Characters Return Before The Season 13 Finale

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Supernatural Season 13 is coming to an end, and since the long running CW series has already been renewed for Season 14, fans are looking forward to seeing what the season finale will bring.

According to the latest spoilers by TVLine, Supernatural fans have a lot to look forward to. After last week’s instant classic where Dean and Sam were sucked into an episode of their favorite childhood cartoon, Scooby Doo, the rest of the season may be hard to top. However, the show is going for some big gratification when it comes to character returns.

Supernatural Executive Producer, Andrew Dabb, told the site that fans can expect “two very surprising returns” before the end of Season 13. The two surprising returns will be in addition to fans seeing the alternate universe versions of Bobby Singer and Kevin Tran. Meanwhile, EP Bobby Singer (Yes, the character is named after him), reveals that the end of the season will be about “getting the whole gang back together.”

Singer states that Supernatural has “managed to cram pretty much everybody that the audience loves into this final run of episodes.” While he didn’t confirm which characters would be coming back there are a handful of people that fans would love to see again, including Sam and Dean’s father, John Winchester, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Although Morgan is currently busy playing Negan on AMC’s The Walking Dead, he has spoken out about wanting to return to the show in some capacity in the future, and this could be his opportunity. “I would love to go back and have some resolution with that character,” JDM said of John Winchester. Meanwhile, fans would also love to see John, Mary, Sam, and Dean together in the present day.


Meanwhile, the character of Crowley, who died in the Season 12 finale, would also be a welcomed sight, as well as fan favorite little sister-like character, Charlie. Sam’s former demon girlfriend, Ruby, would also be an interesting return for Supernatural fans, or even the character of Chuck, who is the absentee God in the storyline. Another character that the show could bring back would be that of Sam and Dean’s half-brother, Adam, who is still currently locked in Lucifer’s cage with Michael.

Supernatural currently airs Thursday nights at 8 p.m. on The CW.