NFL Rumors: Dallas Cowboys Should Trade Dez Bryant For Rob Gronkowski, Reports ‘The Big Lead’

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The Rob Gronkowski trade rumors are not expected to stop until the New England Patriots make a firm stand or move him to a new team. Gronkowski might be on his way out, and there are already several teams being linked to the veteran tight end over the past several days.

The Cowboys are looking to be among the elites next season, but they still need to make moves in order to become a serious title contender. According to Bobby Burack of The Big Lead, the Cowboys should try to arrange a Gronkowski trade with the Patriots even if it might force them to give up Dez Bryant.

Jeff Darlington of ESPN reported that there is “lingering frustrations” between Gronkowski and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. The alleged tension between the Patriots and the veteran tight end generated speculation that New England would eventually move on from the 28-year-old.

And if the Patriots officially make Gronkowski available in trade, Burack said that the Cowboys should reach out to New England. Acquiring the five-time Pro Bowl tight end would give Dallas a “hellacious threesome” of Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, and Gronkowski.

It remains to be seen whether the Cowboys can convince the Patriots to send Gronkowski to Dallas. According to Burack, Dallas might be forced to include Bryant in the trade package. Trading the veteran wide receiver to the Patriots or either to a third team makes a lot sense for the Cowboys.

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski against the Philadelphia Eagles
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Bryant could be cut later in the offseason if the 29-year-old declines to take a pay cut. The Cowboys should just move him instead of losing him for nothing. Burack said that losing Bryant in a deal for Gronkowski will not hurt that much because the three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver “has never fit with Prescott” in the last two seasons.

There are talks that Gronkowski might retire soon, which means trading for him is too risky. Burack pointed out, though, that Dallas is a place where he could remain happy and have fun. The environment in Dallas could eventually convince Gronkowski to extend his NFL career.

Tim Kohut of the Landry Hat also agreed that the Cowboys should pursue a trade for Gronkowski. Kohut said that “it would be foolish” for Jerry Jones and the Cowboys to not at least think of acquiring a player of Gronkowski’s caliber before the 2018 NFL season.

However, Kohut thinks that the San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams are currently in a better position to get the two-time Super Bowl champion. The 49ers have the assets and the cap space to make room for Gronkowski, while the Rams could give him the best chance to continue competing for the title in next few years.