MLB Trade Rumors: Brewers' Ryan Braun To Dodgers For Matt Kemp Being Discussed, Per 'NBC LA'

There are lingering MLB trade rumors involving a possible swap between the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers. The trade, which NBC LA says is being discussed, could feature Ryan Braun heading to L.A. in exchange for Matt Kemp. The deal may have already taken place, except for the fact that it has hit a snag involving part of the trade. There has also been a bit of skepticism out there about this deal actually being discussed. Here are the latest details on what this MLB trade could mean for the players and teams going forth this season if it happens.

Several days ago, NBC LA's Michael J. Duarte first tweeted to confirm the trade talks between the two National League teams. Duarte said that Braun would head to the Dodgers in exchange for not only Matt Kemp, but also some prospects. However, it was also mentioned that one specific player being discussed is one the Dodgers don't necessarily want to give up, so the deal is being held up by that right now. It's unknown exactly which prospect it is that the Dodgers don't really want to part ways with, but they must see the potential talent there to not feel he's worth giving up yet.

Los Angeles picked up Matt Kemp during the offseason as they made a "cash-dump trade" with Atlanta. While the team was expected to trade Kemp before this MLB season started, it's noted that they may not have had a good enough deal out there. If they can make this trade with the Brewers happen, it could be beneficial to the Dodgers with Justin Turner currently hurt. Braun would give them a.302 career hitter who also has 303 home runs for his career, thus far.

While these rumors were reported just a few days ago there was also a bit of skepticism out there when the news hit. Brewers beat writer Adam McCalvy tweeted that David Stearns felt there was "nothing to it" when he heard of the speculation, and he even thought it might be "an early April Fool's joke."

As of this report, the Milwaukee Brewers are 3-1 in the NL's Central Division with only the Pittsburgh Pirates (4-0) ahead of them. The Los Angeles Dodgers, a team pegged to be one of the top contenders this season, has a 2-2 in the West Division and tied with the San Francisco Giants for second place. Stay tuned as these two teams could possibly pull the trigger on this deal at a moment's notice once they've finally decided upon which players will be given up.