Sharkoon Sata QuickPort Now With USB 3.0 Support

Sharkoon released their Sata QuickPort just over a year ago and now with the release of USB 3.0 Sharkoon has decided to add that transfer protocol to their devices mix.

Just throw (or gently place) your SATA hard drive down into the device and plug the USB 3.0 port into your computer and you’ll be purring at mind-boggling speeds in no time at all. The company released a PCI expansion card at the same time that adds that very USB 3.0 ability to any PC not currently offering the new transfer protocol.

The unit is available in Europe at this very moment for €49.99 ($75) with the needed adapter and for €39.99 ($60) just for the unit. In either respect it’s a small price to pay for the new speeds you’ll be enjoying with a quick plug and play option.