'Teen Mom OG': Maci Bookout Claims Ryan Edwards Threatened To Hurt Her While High, Reports 'Radar'

Teen Mom OG star Maci Bookout has seemingly had enough of her ex-boyfriend Ryan Edwards' erratic behavior. The MTV star and mother-of-three has officially filed court documents asking for a protection order for herself, her children, and her husband, Taylor McKinney, against Edwards.

According to an April 2 report by Radar Online, the details of Maci Bookout's protection order are now being released. The Teen Mom OG star revealed in the court documents that Ryan Edwards has threatened her multiple times while high on heroin, that he drives under the influence of the drug, and that he has made a spectacle at their son Bentley's baseball games in the past.

Maci Bookout says in the court documents that Ryan Edwards has "left her voicemail messages threatening to show up" to her home and "take" her son, Bentley. The Teen Mom OG star also claims that Edwards told her he would "show up and hurt" her if she didn't answer her phone. Maci also revealed that in May of 2017, Ryan came to one of Bentley's baseball games and got in her face, "yelling and threatening to hurt" the mother of his child.

Maci Bookout also claims in the court documents that she fears for the safety of Bentley, 9, because she has proof that Ryan Edwards drives under the influence. As many Teen Mom OG fans know, Ryan was filmed for the reality series driving under the influence of drugs. In the shocking clip, Edwards is seen slurring his words, swerving, and falling asleep behind the wheel of his car while driving to his own wedding.

Currently, Maci Bookout has full custody of Bentley on a temporary basis. Ryan Edwards does not have any custodial rights at this time. After the footage of Ryan driving under the influence was shown on television, the Teen Mom OG dad went to rehab and returned home clean and sober. However, Maci still didn't feel comfortable handing Bentley over to her ex, so he was left in the care of his grandparents, Jen and Larry Edwards, for visitation purposes.

Fans can see more of Maci Bookout and Ryan Edwards on Teen Mom OG, which airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on MTV.