'Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Victoria Catches JT Trying To Finish Off Victor

The Young and the Restless spoilers from this week's soap magazines promise more violence to come from JT Hellstrom (Thad Luckinbill). With no cop job awaiting him because Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) fooled him with trumped up papers, JT is scrambling. All JT has left is Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) and his job at Newman Enterprises. But as soon as Victor comes out of his post-op coma, all that will be gone unless JT does something drastic to silence The Mustache permanently.

Mac Suspicious, Alerts Victoria

The latest Y&R spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal that Victor's health takes a turn that scares the family. He already had emergency surgery for a hematoma, and in the latest YR spoilers promo, seen below, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) tells the family that they have "some decisions to make" as she holds a vigil at Victor's hospital bed. It might be that JT doesn't have to take any further action since that shove down the stairs has rendered Victor helpless and lingering near death.

Meanwhile, Mac (Kelly Kruger) is playing hardball with JT over their divorce. He wants to make the split official so he can get married ASAP to Victoria and secure himself since he might lose his job soon. Mac demands sole custody and JT agrees. Then she'll say that he can only have supervised visitation and JT bickers but agrees. His caving on every point has Mac suspicious of why he needs this divorce so fast, and she taps the brakes to figure things out and warn Victoria.

Victoria Refuses Marriage, Will JT Snap?

Also in the new Young and the Restless spoilers promo, Victoria tells JT, "I can't marry you," and he's stunned. This is about Victoria needing to focus on her father's recovery, but JT is jealous of anyone that gets any of Vikki's attention, and he won't take this well. JT won't back down and insists they push through with the wedding despite Victor's touch-and-go diagnosis. Victoria will be stunned and even more alarmed when Mac tells her that JT was coming unhinged while they were married.

There are so many red flags about JT's increasingly violent behavior that Vikki can't ignore the signs for too much longer. JT already knows that Victor is a problem for him. If The Mustache comes out of his coma, he'll have the cops on JT in an instant. So the disgraced investigator needs to get a ring on Vikki's finger and Victor out of the picture before his life goes completely down the toilet. With Vikki delaying their marriage until her father's health crisis is over, JT can kill two birds with one stone.

JT Needs Victor Dead Now

Y&R spoilers predict that JT might wait to see if Victor pulls through this crisis or dies, but it's Victoria's refusal to marry him that's the issue. In JT's twisted mind, if Victor dies, that means Victoria is free to marry him because she'll have closure about her dad. Plus, dead Victor means no one will ever know that JT shoved The Mustache down the stairs. Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of April 9 from Soap Central say that JT makes his move.

When Victor's health looks more promising, JT knows he can't take the risk and let Victor survive this ordeal. JT makes sure he's a constant presence at the hospital, sitting with the Newmans so that him being there doesn't look strange. From there, it's an easy matter for him to creep into Victor's room alone and finish off his ex-father-in-law. JT could smother him, put an air bubble into his IV line, or unplug him. The latter seems unlikely since it would alert the staff.

Victoria Catches JT, Everything Explodes

In a brand-new interview with Soap Opera Digest, Thad Luckinbill enthused about his return to the CBS soap saying he was excited to come back because "Y&R had a really cool storyline for JT," but that will soon end. This engagement was never meant to last long because Luckinbill is a busy producer and must get back to his full-time job which is running his production company that made hits like 12 Strong and La La Land. JT doesn't have much longer left on YR.

When he goes to finish the deadly job he started on the stairs, JT is confident he'll get away with murder, but when Victoria catches him red-handed, that's a problem. Y&R spoilers have hinted for weeks that Victoria would kill JT in self-defense and now it seems like she may be forced to protect not only herself but her father from her ex-husband who spins violently out of control. Will JT survive this ordeal and spend life in prison or will he wind up six feet under in a cold Genoa City grave?

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