Ohio Nurse Hired Patient As A Hit Man Allegations

An Ohio nurse allegedly offered a patient $10,000 to kill a woman the Cleveland Clinic staffer was engage in a dispute with over home ownership. Nurse Andrew Martin, 23, pleaded not guilty on the charge. If the alleged hit had been successful, the Cleveland Clinic nurse stood to garner $193,000 from the home the he was embroiled in a dispute over with the unharmed woman.

Martin is accused of approaching a patient in the emergency room of the highly respected hospital and asking the man if he had ever killed anyone, according to the New York Daily News. The Cleveland Clinic patient allegedly responded that he had never murdered anyone but he had once shot a man.

A federal affidavit notes that the Ohio nurse allegedly learned of a home sale via David Simons, who had reportedly been hired to do carpentry work in the home on occasion. The home was owned by George Warehime, 83, who suffered from Alzhimer’s disease. When Warehime passed away, his daughter Joy Comey placed the home on the market and proceeded to line up a buyer.

When Comey visited her father’s home, she was shocked to find both the Ohio nurse and Simons hanging out inside. The pair claimed that Comey’s brother had deeded the property over to them at no cost nine months prior, NewsNet 5 reports. The home was reportedly valued at $193,000 on the property tax card.

Comey and the pair of men spent a year in court battling over the house. A judge ultimately voided the deed which was reportedly notarized under “questionable circumstances.” Throughout the court battle, Comey maintained that her brother had been taken advantage of by the Cleveland Clinic nurse and his pal. The brother reportedly suffers from dementia, memory loss, and hearing issues.

During the property battle, Andrew Martin reportedly took out a $600,000 insurance policy for the home. Just 10 days after the policy was inked, fire broke out during the early morning hours. Once the fire was determined to have been an act of arson, the insurance agency rescinded the policy.

The patient tipped off police officers about the nurse allegedly offering to pay him to kill Joy Comey. The frightened woman immediately went into hiding after the learned of the threat against her life. Andrew Martin remains in jail pending and will begin the trial process in February.