'Sister Wives' Tell-All Part 2: Meri Cries Over Failing Marriage, Kody Brown Says Relationship Is 'Healing'

Abi Ong

In the first part of Sister Wives' Tell-All Special last week, things got intense when Kody Brown admitted that he's not interested in an intimate relationship with his first wife, Meri, anymore. Now, the Brown family bared it all and discussed the reality of what happens when a marriage within a polygamous family breaks down.

As People reported, Sunday's Tell-All Special Part 2 and season finale showed Kody and Meri sitting quietly as Janelle, Christine, and Robyn shared how they felt about the couple's broken relationship. It is no secret among Sister Wives fans that Meri and Kody have been having marital issues for several years now. Kody's three other wives agreed that their problems are affecting everyone in the family.

"It sucks, the whole thing sucks," Robyn, Kody's fourth and legal wife, said.

"It's not fun and it's hard to know what to do with it. I mean, we love Meri, we love Kody. We have to be Switzerland constantly, and we hate to see him in this place, and it's stressful for our family."

Hearing her sister wives talk certainly made Meri more emotional and the 47-year-old reality star started crying. Looking defeated, Meri admitted that her current situation is hard.

"Part of me says that, 'yeah, it's hard.' But then part of me is like, 'Oh, I just want to lay it out all on the table, but that's not healthy either."

The other wives all comforted Meri and assured her that none of them thinks that their marriage was supposed to end bitterly.

"We cling to the word 'hope,'" second wife Janelle said.

As for Kody, the Sister Wives patriarch revealed that his relationship with Meri is now in the process of "healing." However, he added that their problems can't be fixed with a simple "weekend getaway."

"I don't even like using the word hope, but we are actually healing. And we dug this hole for 25 years. It's not something we're going to fix with a weekend getaway."

"I'm not going to be getting any inspiration. You have to be very open to it, and we're not in a place where we're open to it. Because we have a very fulfilled and functional relationship right now," Kody said.

"I'm 50, so it's probably not like I'll be having more children, so it's just really there's no purpose in it for us at this point."
"I think a guy with 10 wives is ridiculous. In my worldview, that's, don't be a jackwagon."