Melania Trump Won't Divorce POTUS But Corrected Him For Cursing At Butler, Says 'The Trump White House' Author

The manner in which first lady Melania Trump allegedly wields power in her marriage to President Donald Trump is being closely examined by Ronald Kessler, author of the new book The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game. The former Washington Post reporter claims Melania is a big influence on the POTUS and his actions in the White House, including getting him to finally run for president in the first place.

As reported by Yahoo, Kessler claims that Melania won't divorce President Trump, even in spite of the rumors of adulterous affairs circulating. Kessler believes that the marriage between Melania and Donald will last beyond the rumors of cheating. Kessler even mentions the "tremendous impact on policy and strategy" that Melania has as a largely camera-shy woman in the White House.

Melania is one woman who has no problem setting Mr. Trump straight when she feels he is in the wrong, says the author, noting that Melania "will disagree with him, she will sit in, in meetings with cabinet officers and she will disagree with Trump, her judgment is spectacular."

According to Axios, the book that is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, April 3, divulges one incident that shows the power of Melania in her marriage. Kessler details one incident in The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game wherein President Trump allegedly yelled at a butler who has worked at Mar-a-Lago for many years.

Anthony Senecal one time opened Mar-a-Lago's doors to find that legendary household hacks guru Martha Stewart standing in front of him. Martha "had bicycled over to the club, and she asked if she could take a tour... Senecal asked her to return the next day at 3 p.m."

However, when Mr. Trump was informed about the plans for Martha to come back at 3 p.m. the next day, Trump allegedly had a fit. "Trump lit into the butler, screaming at him and calling him a 'dumb a**' for scheduling the tour at 3 p.m. when workers would be shifting furniture around," wrote Kessler.

Donald was allegedly angry that the butler didn't tell Martha to return during lunch when Mar-a-Lago members could see Stewart.

"Trump yelled that Senecal instead should have scheduled the tour for lunchtime, when well-heeled club members would be on hand to impress and be impressed."
Melania admonished Trump for speaking to the butler in that manner. "I don't think you should talk to Tony in that tone," Melania reportedly told her husband. When Senecal came back the next day, Mr. Trump pulled out a wad of $20 bills, $2,000 in all, in order to issue his mea culpa.
"It was his way of apologizing.... Melania rules the roost."