Melania Trump Accused Of ‘Hiding Out’ And Not Doing The Job She ‘Pleaded’ To Get, Reports ‘Chicago Tribune’

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The plight of Melania Trump is seen from many points of view in the media as she endures the Stormy Daniels allegations. One of those views is described in the Chicago Tribune, which suggests that Melania Trump needs to stop hiding from the press and start doing her job as the first lady of the nation.

The article was written by Dahleen Glanton, who asks readers to hear her out before they start accusing her of “beating up on the pitiful first lady while she’s down.” She asks readers to consider how Melania ended up in the White House.

Glanton suggests, “She campaigned for the job of the first lady. She campaigned hard.”

Whenever she was in front of a campaign microphone, she asked the voters to put her husband in the Oval Office. At one point, she even “pleaded” with the voters to put her family in the White House, cites Glanton.

She quotes Melania at that time as saying, “We need you, the voter, to go out and vote. We also ask you to bring your family, friends, neighbors to vote for President Donald Trump.”

Whether Melania bowed under pressure to join the campaign or whether she meant what she was asking the voters to do at the time, “Americans took her at her word,” suggests Glanton. She also reminds her readers that Melania sang Donald Trump’s praises about being a great husband, father, and grandfather when making the case on the campaign trail to put her husband into the White House.

Donald and Melania Trump
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Enough Americans believed in what Melania was saying to award Donald Trump and his family the new address of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, suggests Glanton.

“It doesn’t matter now. Enough Americans took her at her word and gave her that unpaid, unofficial job she practically begged for. It’s too late for her to change her mind and give it back.”

She suggests, “The American people deserve a first lady who sets an example as a strong woman able to tackle adversity head-on, not one who runs for cover and acts like a victim when the spotlight gets too hot.”

CNN’s HLN host S.E. Cupp sees things a bit differently when it comes to Melania and the American people. She advises Melania to leave her “jerk of a husband.” She sees America