‘Vanderpump Rules’ Salaries Revealed, Does Jax Taylor Make More Than Stassi Schroeder?

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

The cast of Vanderpump Rules has filled Season 6 with more drama than ever before. But, even though it may seem like what goes down on the show each week is a lot to handle, the reality stars tend to make a pretty penny for dealing with the catfights, thrown drinks, and breakups. Plus, they also have the opportunity to earn extra cash by promoting products on social media and making personal appearances. So, just how much does the cast of VPR earn for living their lives in front of the camera, and how much do they have in the bank?

In Touch Weekly is reporting that Bravo doesn’t pay each member of the cast the same, and one of the most featured SUR employees supposedly makes the least amount of cash each week.

To start with, bossy lady Lisa Vanderpump reportedly brings home $500,000 each season but considering her net worth of $75 million, that isn’t the biggest part of her income. Vanderpump owns various restaurants and businesses, plus she is a regular cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder each earn $15,000 per episode, and Doute has a net worth of approximately $200,000, while Schroeder has $300,000 in assets.

Despite the fact that she has been a cast member from day one and gets a ton of camera time, Scheana Marie brings in a bit less than her fellow female cast members, earning $10,000 per episode, and she has a net worth of $50,000.

As for the boys, Tom Sandoval has had some issues when it comes to his salary. In 2016, he filed legal documents claiming the network didn’t pay him properly for the first two seasons, and he earned just $38,000. That shook out to about $1,400 per episode, but since then he reportedly brings home $15,000 each week and has a net worth of approximately $400,000.

Jax Taylor is also worth around $400,000, and part of that is due to his episode rate of $25,000. It makes sense that Taylor makes more than the rest of the cast since his controversial behavior and rollercoaster romances get him more screen time than most.

And what about Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz? It isn’t clear what each of them earns each episode, but Maloney reportedly has around $30,000 in assets, while Schwartz is worth $25,000.

With each season having about 20 episodes, these numbers put every member of the cast earning six figures each year. But, some fans aren’t buying the reported net worth of the SUR staff.

In a recent Reddit thread, fans were scratching their heads as to how people who earn six figures could have such low net worth. Some suggested that the reality stars need financial advisors, while others weren’t buying the numbers.

The thought of Doute making more than Marie didn’t make sense to anyone, and fans took the low net worth with a grain of salt since the numbers are all estimates and something no one really knows for sure.

However, one Reddit user did suggest that if their net worth were actually that low, it isn’t just because of a lack of savings, but also probably the fault of “cocaine, Adderall, and Louboutins.”

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules air Monday nights on Bravo.