‘One Piece’ Chapter 901 Spoilers, Release Date: Eiichiro Oda Taking A One Week Break

tofoli.douglasFlickr/Public Domain

One Piece Chapter 900 left fans wondering what really happens to the Strawhat Pirates and the Thousand Sunny after taking a direct hit from Big Mom’s main ship. Unfortunately, fans will be waiting a little bit longer to see the upcoming chapter as popular manga creator Eiichiro Oda takes a one-week break. Will Luffy and his friends survive from Big Mom’s wrath and successfully escape Whole Cake Island?

The 900th chapter of One Piece featured a huge tragedy for the Strawhat Pirates and their allies. One Piece Chapter 899 made fans believe that the Strawhats would finally leave Big Mom’s territory with the help of the Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates. Sadly, the opposite happened in One Piece Chapter 900.

The Vinsmokes and Germa 66, who raided Cacao Island, were all bleeding and near to suffer a massive defeat. Judge was seen fighting two mysterious and powerful characters, probably Big Mom’s children or allies from the underworld. The Sun Pirates led by Alladin were singlehandedly dismantled by Charlotte Oven, who used his devil fruit power to boil the ocean. And the most heartbreaking scene in the latest chapter of One Piece is the potential destruction of the Strawhat Pirates’ ship, the Thousand Sunny. As Big Mom’s main ship attacks everything on its way, Sunny seemingly took a direct hit and covered with fire, while their jolly roger is floating in the ocean.


One Piece Chapter 900 was released days before April Fool’s Day, creating the belief that the chapter could be one of Eiichiro Oda’s pranks. Unfortunately, there has been no direct confirmation from the creator or any trusted source if the latest chapter is just a joke. Fans only need to wait for the next release to know what really happens to the Strawhat Pirates and their allies.

At One Piece Forum, fans are making their own predictions for One Piece Chapter 901. Judgment speculated that the upcoming chapter could feature the Reverie Arc, leaving the Whole Cake Island Arc in a cliffhanger. After numerous chapters, One Piece will then show a flashback on how Luffy and his friends escape from the Yonkou’s territory.

There are some who believes that One Piece Chapter 901 will be the continuation of the Whole Cake Island Arc. Jumping to the next arc while the ongoing arc is still on its climax will anger lots of fans. However, knowing Oda, he could do something unexpected in One Piece Chapter 901 that will add thrill and excitement to the popular manga.