The Verdict Is In: ‘Ready Player One’ Takes Spielberg Back To The Top Of The Box Office

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According to reports by Fox News, Steven Spielberg has done it again. His newest hit, Ready Player One, has moved to the top of the box office over the weekend. The sci-fi thriller has heralded Spielberg’s return to mainstream entertainment after several smaller historical productions.

Ready Player One earned an estimated $53.2 million from 4,234 locations since its Wednesday release, beating out even Tyler Perry’s new contribution Acrimony. This is Spielberg’s most successful release in over a decade. The film is based on Ernest Cline’s 2011 novel of the same name and seems to be made for Spielberg with its 1980s references and futuristic themes.

The movie delves into the topic of our reliance on virtual entertainment as a way to escape the real world. Set in the year 2045, the film depicts much of reality as being based on slums and deplorable conditions. The world is suffering from overpopulation and pollution, and many people live most of their lives in a virtual reality titled, “Oasis.”

The hero is a young player searching out a virtual “Easter Egg” that will grant him ownership of the entire system. He must combat a group of indentured gamers and competitors seeking to stop one another or to take the prize for themselves. With amazing special effects combined with a plotline that feels close enough to become reality, this movie touches on a lot of topics we face as digital entertainment gains traction.

Costing nearly $175 million to produce, Ready Player One has been met with favorable reviews stemming from Rotten Tomatoes and other notable online review sites. Nothing is poised to pass Black Panther with its $650.7 million in domestic grosses–making it the fourth highest grossing domestic film of all time.

The Black Panther helmet being modeled.
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The box office has seen falling numbers compounded by cord-cutting trends and a number of other economic factors. This has made the market increasingly competitive for new films and led to a number of more innovative ideas. Spielberg has made enough of a name for himself to focus on productions that reflect his personal interests, making projects like Ready Player One all the more entertaining.

After Perry’s Acrimony, several smaller religious productions made an impact over Easter weekend. These were followed closely by Pacific Rim Uprising and a number of family-friendly flicks.