WWE News: Triple H Reveals The Real Reason The WWE Took So Long To Clear Daniel Bryan

The WWE officially cleared Daniel Bryan for a return to the wrestling ring, although the word is that the company will continue to do regular tests on Bryan after every match he wrestles. The problems are not like Edge's, where a bad bump can cause paralysis. Instead, the issues are the concussions that Bryan suffered over his career and the idea that they can create long-term damage, something Triple H told ESPN that the WWE is acutely aware of. As a matter of fact, Triple H said that the WWE was not going to clear Bryan until they were sure he was really ready to return -- and that fact scared Triple H.

What Was Triple H Afraid Of?

Triple H was afraid that if the WWE did not clear Daniel Bryan to return to action, he would leave the company and wrestle for someone else. According to Triple H, he wasn't concerned about losing a superstar to another company. He was scared for Bryan himself.

Triple H claimed that the WWE is the only professional wrestling company in the world that cares about the health and well-being of their wrestlers. His exact words were that he was worried Bryan would risk his life.

"He was going to walk and say 'forget it' and go wrestle for someone else that doesn't care, that doesn't take their health into consideration — because that's pretty much everywhere else — and risk his life and his health and his family and his baby and risk all of it. And it's not worth that."
Triple H said that the WWE superstars take risks every day and most of the time, the risks work out. However, he pointed out that Daniel Bryan said that he was going to wrestle whether the WWE cleared him or not. He was getting the medical tests done and had his doctors clear him and was already prepping to return regardless of what the WWE decided.

WWE News: Triple H Reveals The Real Reason The WWE Took So Long To Clear Daniel Bryan
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Daniel Bryan And His WWE Future

Daniel Bryan knew his WWE contract was ending later this year and if the WWE did not clear him to return by WrestleMania 34, Bryan already said he would leave and wrestle for someone else. That won't happen now that the WWE has cleared Bryan to wrestle again, although one might wonder what the company will do if he re-signs a new deal with the company.

Triple H said that he knew the WWE had not cleared Daniel Bryan but he knew that he was already preparing to return by training and getting all his medical testing done. The WWE forced Bryan to wait and go to more doctors of their choosing because they would not risk his life by allowing him back until they were certain he was safe to take bumps again.

While many fans felt that Triple H and the WWE tried to bury Daniel Bryan, Triple H said that he never worked as hard to beat someone as he worked to lose to Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 30. Triple H said that he had a lot of pressure he put on himself to put Bryan over and help create what he called a "fairy-tale moment" that he said was "awesome."