'This Is Us' Actress Chrissy Metz And Josh Stancil End Relationship

Actress Chrissy Metz of This is Us went public with her relationship with cameraman Josh Stancil back in December 2016. Now just a little over a year later, the couple has reportedly called it quits. The news came out of the split when Metz confirmed to Wendy Williams last week that she was single.

Entertainment Tonight shared the news that Chrissy may be a married woman on the hit drama This is Us, but in real life she is not seeing anyone. When asked about her relationship with Stancil, Metz said, "I'm dating myself currently." Stancil was a cameraman on This is Us when he and Metz met. Chrissy shared that Josh had moved on to another show prior to them breaking up.

Metz also says she and Stancil are still friends. Chrissy says it is important to her to remain friends with men she has had past relationships with. She says having cared for the other person, you don't just cast them aside. She is even friends with her ex-husband, screenwriter Martyn Eaden. Their marriage ended in 2013.

While Chrissy's break-up may be shocking to some, Metz has said in the past she is in no hurry to get married. People shared that while she is in no rush to get down to the altar, Metz isn't ruling the option out if the right man comes into her life. Chrissy says, "I love love. I'm probably the most romantic, gushy, lovey person."

While that may be true Chrissy also says that she is not in the right headspace to date anyone right now. Metz says she would love to meet someone organically and date. She has learned a lot from her past marriage and relationships. Chrissy says, "You can't give from an empty well. You have to love yourself in order to give love to anybody else." With that said, Metz said she is focusing on her relationship with herself for the time being.

Metz shares all about the life lessons she has learned in her new book, This Is Me: Loving the Person You Are Today. Chrissy has been promoting her new book out on the road in various locations throughout the United States.

As for Kate Pearson, fans saw her marry Toby on the Season 2 finale. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what Chrissy brings to the table for Kate in Season 3. This is Us will be back this fall with all new episodes.