April 1, 2018
Alvin W. Wilson: Massachusetts School Van Driver Accused Of Raping Teen Passenger

A Massachusetts school van driver is accused of raping a teenage student while transporting her between school and her after-school therapy sessions, the Springfield Republican is reporting.

Alvin W. Wilson, 24, has been charged with five counts of rape of a child by force. Until his arrest, he had been working with a transport company that contracted with Springfield's public schools.

In January, another student claimed to have overheard the reported victim, a 13-year-old girl, talking about smoking marijuana with her van driver and having sex with him. She later denied "doing anything improper," according to a police report. However, the report claims that the victim later told her grandmother that she and Wilson had been having "sexual encounters."

Springfield police got in on the investigation. Driving the victim around the neighborhood where Wilson's grandmother lived, the victim was able to point out her house, and said that she and Wilson would park the van there and have sex. The police report also indicated that the pair had sex at Wilson's own home as well.

Besides being able to identify Wilson's grandmother's home, the victim was also able to give police a description of a scar supposedly running along Wilson's abdomen.

alvin wilson is accused of rape

There are some holes in the victim's story, however, says Wilson's defense attorney Ivonne Vidal. First, she points out that Wilson claims he "barely spoke to" the girl and that she always rode in the back of the bus. The girl, who has a history of depression and suicidal behavior, could have learned her driver's name from his name badge, she says. And as for being able to identify that scar: Vidal says, first of all, that the victim could have seen that scar on pictures of Wilson from his Facebook profile. Further, the scar as described by the victim was horizontal, while Wilson's scar is vertical.

"No other evidence exists in this case."
Wilson has had several arrests throughout his life, but no criminal convictions. In addition to his rape charges, he has a pending assault case against his pregnant girlfriend. The victim in that case claims she was not assaulted and has continually asked prosecutors to drop those charges.

Wilson's bail has been set at $25,000, and he's been ordered to have no contact with the girl.