Pippa Middleton’s Father-In-Law Arrested In France, Charged With Raping Teenager

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The Middleton family are in the press again, and it’s not the kind of news the Royal family appreciates. David Matthews, the father in law of Pippa Middleton (sister of Kate Middleton), has been arrested in France on charges that he raped a teen girl years ago on the Caribbean island of St. Barts. David Mathews, 74, has lived on St. Barts for two decades with his wife Jane Matthews, and they own a pricey hotel on the French island where Pippa Middleton and her husband James Matthews are often guests.

The French Police Have Arrested Middleton In-Law David Matthews For Rape Of A Teen

According to News.com, David Matthews, father-in-law of Pippa Middleton, is being held on “suspicion of rape of a minor” in Paris. Matthews was taken into court on Thursday after he was detained at the Paris Orly airport. The complainant alleged that she was raped by Matthews in the family’s $5,000-a-night hotel.

The father in law of Pippa Middleton has been under investigation for some time by France’s child protection unit, who took Matthews into custody. Matthews was held in police custody for 48 hours, and then officially charged at the city’s Palais de Justice with the rape of a minor. David Matthews through his legal team strongly denies all of the allegations. Paris authorities have six months to decide whether to take the Middleton in-law to trial.


The Father-In-Law Of Pippa Middleton Is Out On Bail

David Matthews, the in-law of Pippa Middleton, was released on bail, according to a Paris judicial authority.

“I confirm that David M [David Matthews] was placed in police custody on March 27 at the Brigade for the Protection of Minors. The Paris public prosecutor’s office opened a judicial investigation, overlooked by an examining magistrate, who charged him with the rape of a minor. He was placed under judicial supervision. The investigation alleges that the crimes were committed in 1998 and 1999. The investigations will now continue as a judicial investigation and will be led by an investigating judge.”

The probe into the affairs of Middleton relative David Matthews started in September of 2017. The minor alleges that Matthews raped her twice, once in 1998 and again in 1999, both on St. Barts. She is reportedly known to the Matthews family.


The French Police Say They Would Not Have Arrested Matthews Without Cause

The Telegraph says that for the French authorities to charge Matthews, the father in law of Pippa Middleton, there has to be “serious or consistent evidence” that points to the likely involvement in a crime. David Matthews was released on bail, and he is allowed to leave France at this time.

A spokesman for the Matthews family released a statement about the arrest of David Matthews.

“David Matthews categorically denies the allegation and unequivocally contests the untrue and scandalous accusation.”

David and Jane Matthews bought their hotel on St. Barts, the Eden Roc hotel twenty years ago, and there they have hosted celebrities and Royals including Kate Middleton and family.