Meghan Markle’s Exit Strategy From First Husband Detailed In Shocking Claim By Royal Biographer Andrew Morton


Meghan Markle’s first marriage was never considered a secret, so there’s no surprise that Meghan’s up-and-coming nuptials to Prince Harry will be her second time at the altar. Not much has been revealed as to why she divorced her first husband, but new claims as to just how Meghan went about orchestrating the split from Trevor Engelson are made in a new book by the royal biographer, Andrew Morton. Meghan, A Hollywood Princess was penned by Morton, “whose book on Princess Diana exploded the myths surrounding the ­marriage of Prince Harry’s parents,” the Sun suggests.

Morton’s now taken on the story of Meghan Markle, who he describes as someone who honed in on her social climbing skills to get to where she is today. Her first husband Trevor, who is a Hollywood producer, started to feel less and less significant to Meghan as her acting career took off, which is how Morton describes the beginning of their marriage demise in his book. According to the Mirror, Morton claims Trevor remains in a “cold fury” over how Meghan went about the divorce.

Meghan and Trevor were considered a perfect couple, as many are when they start their life out together. The book conveys how the start of their demise seems to date back to when Meghan landed her role in Suits and needed to move from Los Angeles to Toronto for the filming of the series. This was when the two entered into a long period of juggling their time together, which was ended abruptly by Meghan one day, claims Morton.

The friends and associates of Meghan, who Morton spoke with while compiling the research for this book, reportedly told the author how Megan’s decision to end her marriage to Trevor “came out of the blue.” Even though he felt like he was less significant to his wife as her career in acting progressed, Meghan just up and leaving was something he wasn’t expecting, according to Morton.

When Meghan started making her own steady income from her role on Suits and living on her own in Toronto while filming the show, she became more and more independent her friends reportedly told the author. Morton quotes one of the couple’s friends describing Trevor as follows.

“He went from cherishing Meghan to feeling like he was a piece of something stuck to the bottom of her shoe.”

Morton wrote that Meghan had no problem leaving relationships behind if she felt as if they were holding her back. Some of her past friends reportedly claimed she dropped them as well, having no more time for them in lieu of her new friends she collected during her social-climbing journey.

The book describes how Meghan packed up her belongings and left, taking her favorite blender with her out of the L.A. home she shared with Trevor. Morton describes how this blender signified something for Meghan. To her, it meant that she now had a new home. That blender would only sit on the kitchen counter of the place Meghan called home — and her Los Angeles house was no longer that place.

According to Morton’s book that Vitamix blender symbolized the divide for Meghan.

“She packed it into the back seat of her car even though it would have been just as easy to buy a new one.”

“It sat on the kitchen counter in the Toronto house, a material reminder that her home was no longer in Los Angeles.”

She had moved on, and Toronto was now her new home. She didn’t take the time to hand over her diamond engagement ring and diamond wedding band to Trevor. Instead, she packed them in a box and sent them back to him by registered mail, according to Morton’s book.

Morton describes how “her friends in Los Angeles noticed the change in her as she was on the way up.”

“She seemed to be carefully recalibrating her life, forging new friendships with those who could burnish and develop her career.”

It was out with the old and in with the new, according to Morton and her new friends were now people who could help broaden her career.

“New people like talented fashion stylist Jessica Mulroney, who worked with Sophie Trudeau — the wife of Canadian PM Justin — and her TV personality husband Ben, son of ex-Canadian PM Brian Mulroney, came into her orbit.

Not only had she abruptly left Trevor behind, but her L.A. friends as well, according to the new biography Meghan A Hollywood Princess.