Two Commercial Pilots On Two Separate Flights Spot The Same UFO Flying Over Arizona

Recordings of two commercial pilots, who reportedly spotted the same UFO over Arizona, have recently been released by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The first pilot that was flying a Learjet for Phoenix Air Group reported the sighting to the regional air traffic controller in Albuquerque. According to a report from CNN, the conversation happened while the pilot was flying over Arizona on Feb. 24. The pilot initially asked the air traffic control operator if they had any other aircraft passing through the area as he apparently spotted an unidentified flying object (UFO) whizzing through the air going in the opposite direction.

The air traffic control operator immediately responded that they had not been informed that there would be any other aircraft in the area. One of the controllers even joked that the pilot may have just spotted an alien UFO. Just to clarify if there were indeed any another aircraft in the vicinity, air traffic controllers radioed another aircraft close to the Learjet’s flight path. Pilots of American Airlines Flight 1095 were asked to be on the lookout for any object that would pass them in the next 15 miles. The operators also gave the pilots the object’s altitude and the direction it was going, as reported by the Learjet pilot.

To the air traffic control operators’ surprise, American Airlines Flight 1095 radioed just a few minutes later and confirmed that there was indeed something that just passed over them. The object apparently flew right on top of them and was going in the opposite direction. The pilots described the object as having a “big reflection” and it had looked like it was “beaming light.”

As reported by Time, the FAA revealed that air traffic control was not informed that there would be any other aircraft in the area during that time. FAA spokesperson Lynn Lunsford mentioned to the media that they actually have a close working relationship with different agencies and that they would have been informed if there were any other military or civilian aircraft that were going to be flying that day.

Authorities have so far discredited any other theories as to what the object may have been, and they believe that what the pilots were likely seeing was nothing more than a high-altitude weather balloon. Given that the incident had happened very close to Roswell, New Mexico, some people still cling to the possibility that the UFO might not have been terrestrial in nature.