Florida Firefighter Arrested, Accused Of Filming Woman In Bathroom Of His Home

A firefighter in Naples, Florida, was arrested, and he is now facing a felony charge for video voyeurism, according to Wink News. David Larochelle, 50, is being accused of placing a camera resembling a phone charger inside of his bathroom at his residence.

The firefighter, who had been with the City of Naples Fire Department for more than two decades, apparently recorded his ex-wife as she was naked in his bathroom.

Back in February of this year, Larochelle’s ex-wife, who runs a business outside of his home, went to the bathroom and stumbled upon a device that looked like a USB charger. When she closely examined the object, it appeared the device was not a phone charger, but a spy camera.

She immediately alerted police and stated that the camera may have been placed in the bathroom for at least six months.

Neighbors were stunned after learning of the firefighter’s arrest, stating that they “just don’t view him as someone who would be a criminal.” Some say they would have never expected Larochelle to secretly film someone in the bathroom.

One neighbor stated that the firefighter played a major role in keeping their community safe back in September, 2017. Before Hurricane Irma made landfall, Larochelle apparently made sure that everyone was okay. He was said to be asking about their plans, as well as helping people install shutters.

The neighbor went on to say that Larochelle even advised others to get out of town to ensure safety.

In a statement, the Naples Fire-Rescue Department called the incident “unfortunate” and stated that Larochelle was placed on paid leave after his arrest. Once his “accrued time off runs out,” he will be on unpaid leave, according to ABC 7.

The firefighter was arrested on Thursday, March 29, and booked into the Collier County jail, where he is being held on a $5,000 bond. Larochelle will make his first court appearance on April 23.

The Collier County Sheriff’s Office says Larochelle watched the videos after recording his ex-wife, and as of now, the firefighter is facing a third-degree felony. Officials say that if they find out he showed the nude video of the woman in the bathroom, he could be facing more charges.