Amber Rose Flaunts Body In Skimpy Bikini On Mexican Vacation

Rich Fury/InvisionAP Images

Amber Rose flaunted her body in a skimpy bikini while on vacation in Mexico this week. The model took to the beach for some relaxation and gave onlookers a lot to look at. She left little to the imagination in her dark-red bikini.

Photos captured by Daily Mail show Amber Rose laughing with friends at a luxury hotel and putting on sunscreen. Her tattooed arms were on full display, in addition to much of the rest of her. A tweet from the website of the model is seen below.

People reported that Rose had breast reduction surgery in January. She shared with Instagram followers what a difference the procedure made when she donned a white crop top and high-waisted pants. Amber wanted to look different in her clothes and feel comfortable putting on cute tops without her large chest being a distraction.

Before her surgery, Amber Rose said in her Instagram stories that she was “really scared and excited at the same time.”

Amber was happy about “how much smaller” her breasts were following the surgery when she had a bandage-wrapped chest. She was a 36H-cup and downsized to a D-cup.

Despite her smaller cup size, Rose is by no means small on top. She’s more proportionate compared to what she was before, however. The most exciting thing for Amber after the surgery was getting new clothes! It’s important to her to wear cute shirts and strapless things.

Amber Rose announced last July that she was going to get a breast reduction. She got tired of having to support her heavy assets with a “grandma bra” wearing “cute lil shirts” and was desperate to get rid of the back pain.

The mother of one also had her cellulite removed in addition to the reduction procedure. Amber was candid about the bruising and pain with her Instagram followers, keeping them up-to-date on the progress.

The photos of Amber Rose in a bikini during her Mexican getaway show a more sculpted frame. It’s evident that she’s more confident about her body image since making the changes. A lot of her fans didn’t think she needed to change anything but supported her in doing whatever she needed to be happier in her own skin.