March 31, 2018
Regis Philbin On Kelly Ripa Bikini Photo -- He Hasn't Seen It But Impressed By How She Looked 20 Years Ago

Regis Philbin was caught in a "journalist ambush," which is what the unnamed man with him said when TMZ approached Regis with a Kelly Ripa bikini question. Regis and the unidentified man were on their way out of La Scala when the TMZ reporter caught him off guard.

The reporter asked Regis if he had seen the photo that Kelly Ripa's husband Mark Consuelos had posted online of Kelly Ripa in a bikini. He said he hadn't seen the picture and the man with him offered an excuse for Regis' lack of knowledge of the photo. The man said Regis didn't get to see it because he doesn't own a smartphone. Regis confirmed the claim, but he did mention how good Kelly looked 20 years ago.

Kelly has been in the headlines all week over a picture her husband posted of her while donning a bikini. It is not just because she looks so fantastic in this picture that she's been awarded all the attention; it is also due to the brutal comments that some people have offered up online.

While many commented that she does look fabulous, others slammed Kelly for a variety of things. The photo is getting all this attention as trolls jumped on the bandwagon and started to tear Kelly Ripa apart.

She was lambasted for wearing such a skimpy bikini at the age of 47 and as a mother of three flaunting so much skin. Her body shape was critiqued as looking like it belonged to a little boy. The comments were so brutal that Page Six described Kelly and Mark as being "tormented" by the online trolls.

The picture was posted on Instagram by Kelly's adoring husband Mark as a romantic gesture. The two were on vacation together and the caption of the photo read, "Sultry Sundays with my sexy one are my fave..."

Mark slapped back at the trolls by posting a photo on Instagram that just read "yep," which was another photo of Kelly in a bikini.
Around the same time that Mark posted the first picture of Kelly, which drew all those disturbing comments from critics, Kelly posted a romantic picture of Mark. She captioned the photo, "Not a bad view in sight." That picture lacked negative comments regarding Mark being shirtless in his swimsuit. He was called a "hunk" and Kelly was reminded in a few comments that she was a "lucky lady."Regis Philbin looked surprised when he was approached by the reporter, but he appeared happy to talk with him as he gave his response in a pleasant manner.

Regis Philbin
Regis Philbin spotted in Los Angeles on March 30, 2018.

According to TMZ, Regis and Kelly didn't part under the best of terms as he announced his departure from the show without giving Kelly a "heads-up." But from the latest report, it looks as if that hatchet has been buried, suggests TMZ. No matter what the circumstances were around the two parting ways, it appears Kelly's looks left an impression on Regis from a few decades ago.

You can check out Regis in the short TMZ clip here.