Microsoft Plans To Replace Xbox Live Chat With Skype [Report]

After Microsoft purchased Skype in 2011 to the tune of $8.5 billion, it abandoned MSN Messenger in favor of integrating Skype with many of its platforms, and Microsoft reportedly plans to do the same thing with the next Xbox.

The report comes from CVG, who cite an alleged source from inside Microsoft. According to the report, Microsoft intends to make Skype the main form of communication for the company’s next-generation Xbox, which is expected to be announced in the next several months.

The source tells CVG:

“You might jump to the conclusion that we’ll see asynchronous voice and video messages in next-gen Xbox Live”.

This is only a rumor, but it’s the most believable one so far. Microsoft’s plan to integrate Skype into its product can already be seen in other areas, and it only makes sense that they would do the same for the next Xbox, especially considering Microsoft has already hinted at it.

Microsoft recently posted a job listing for its UK-based Skype offices that calls for a user interface designer, and the company’s next console is specifically named.

The listing reads:

“The team you’ll join is responsible for Skype in the living room (broadly the home), across various devices but with a focus on the large screen and the next generation of Xbox.”

Fortunately, it appears that it won’t be too much longer before all of the speculation can finally be put to rest; industry chatter suggests that Microsoft will announce the next Xbox either at E3 this year or possibly earlier.