WWE Hall Of Fame Star Facing Up To Five Years In Prison

Through the '90s, there wasn't a bigger female star in the WWE than the Diva known as Sunny. For years, Tammy Sytch took the character and made her into a poster girl for WWE fans and one of the most successful professional wrestling "valets" of all time. She ended up as a 2011 WWE Hall of Fame inductee, an induction that was full of danger signs. Before her induction, Sytch suffered from alcohol and drug addiction issues and had spent time in jail and rehab. Now, Sytch is facing more legal problems. TMZ reported that police arrested Sytch in March as a "fugitive from justice." PWInsider reported on Friday that Sytch had been extradited to Pennsylvania and she is now facing up to five years in prison

Tammy Sytch Current Legal Problems

The latest arrest took place in New Jersey where police arrested her for a myriad of charges, including disobedience and resistance. This comes just one year after she entered rehabilitation again to try to clean herself up. However, this recent arrest came after police arrested Sytch twice this year alone with DUI charges.

Wrestling Inc reported that the first arrest was for a DUI on Jan. 23. The second arrest was after an accident on Feb. 2 where Sytch fled the scene. The charges for the second was another DUI and leaving the scene of an accident. Sytch failed to appear in court for either arrest, which led to the recent third arrest.

In 2015, Sytch went to jail for three other DUIs and is currently on probation for those incidents. That adds up to five DUI arrests in three years. The police this time charged Sytch with two counts of fugitive from justice and six counts of contempt of court.

WWE Hall Of Fame Star Facing Up To Five Years In Prison

Tammy Sytch Extradited To Pennsylvania

The bond in New Jersey was $6,000, but the problem comes with the fact that Tammy Sytch is on probation for the previous charges. A judge sentenced her to 90 days in jail for driving with a suspended license but allowed her rehab to count. However, 18 days into the probation for that, she violated her parole, and she remained in jail for four months.

The extradition to Pennsylvania is because a motion was filed to revoke her parole due to the continued issues. A bench warrant was issued in Pennsylvania, but she no longer lived there, and they could not locate her. The arrest in New Jersey finally forced her return to face the charges.

The judge in the case sentenced Sytch to five years probation and bi-weekly alcohol testing. However, the judge warned her that if she got into any more trouble during the probation, there would be serious consequences. With her new arrest and two more DUI charges, Sytch is at the mercy of the court and faces up to five years and more possible charges.