Duggar Fans Believe Amy Duggar May Be James Duggar’s Mother According to ‘In Touch’

Amy Duggar is easily the most rebellious member of the famous family. She has always been pegged as different from her cousins, but only because she isn’t as closed off as they are. Revelations about Duggar’s childhood came to light when she taped another reality show. Her father was abusive, something that weighed heavily on her for years following the incidents.

Duggar fans always come up with theories when it comes to the family. After all, there are plenty of children to pick and choose from. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar run a tight ship. Rules are something they enforce, and casually dating and premarital sex aren’t things that happen in their household. According to In Touch Weekly, Duggar fans have come out with speculation that Amy Duggar may have given birth to James Duggar. They believe that she was just a young teen when she had him, allowing Jim Bob and Michelle to raise him as their own.

This is one of the most interesting theories concocted by Duggar fans. It is true that when James was born, there weren’t many eyes on the family as their fame was in the early stages. Amy Duggar would have only been 14 at the time of the birth, an unlikely occurrence. She is definitely more independent than her cousins, but having a baby so young and out of wedlock would have been a scandal that was too big to hide.

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The Duggar family dirty laundry has been aired for all to see. Back in 2015, the Josh Duggar scandals were almost the downfall of the family. If Amy Duggar was the mother of James Duggar and not his cousin, the news would have already been sold. Some fans have laughed this theory off while others have paused when hearing it. Duggar is married now, and yet, she has no children of her own. Amy has discussed plans to become a mother, and she even mentioned wanting to adopt the Turpin children who were prisoners in their own home.

It is highly unlikely that Amy Duggar gave birth to James Duggar. While he doesn’t look like he belongs in the sea of siblings, the probability that his cousin is actually his mother is next to nothing. Duggar fan theories are a dime a dozen, and this one is one of the more far-fetched.