Danica Patrick Dons Strappy Sports Bra And Shorts As She Performs Intense Workout In Preparation For Indy 500

Danica Patrick shared two videos on her Instagram account Thursday that gives a glimpse into her insane fitness routine. The 36-year-old race car driver is preparing for the second race of the "Danica Double." The Indianapolis 500 will be the final race to close out Patrick's successful career on the track.

It's no secret that Danica works out hard. As Maxim reports, the 36-year-old posted videos showing Instagram followers part of what she does to stay in immaculate shape.

Danica is wearing a strappy sports bra and shorts as she executes the killer moves in her home gym. In one video, she's seen doing a barbell lift, handstand push-ups, and ring dips. In the other, she's doing bar pull-ups, handstand shoulder taps, and jumping rope backwards.

It's all in a day for Danica Patrick.

Incidentally, the videos were "liked" by her boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers.

According to Danica's website, Pretty Intense, she's trained since she was 14-years-old. The fitness lover went "through phases" with running, Pilates, yoga, weight training, and CrossFit. Those didn't "compare" to the results she's seen from Pretty Intense. The program consists of seven workouts a week that target upper body, lower body, abs, cardio, and long circuit. The routine is intense and complete within a 20-minute time frame, with exception to the long circuit regime -- which is between 30 and 45 minutes.

Danica Patrick has her own book on the program that is five chapters. The cover of her Pretty Intense book reads that it's a "90-Day Mind, Body, and Food Plan that will absolutely Change Your Life!"In other news revolving around Danica and her preparations for the Indy 500, she shared photos of herself standing next to a green GoDaddy car that will look exactly like the one she'll be racing at the end of May. She also shared a close-up of her in the green fire suit that she'll be wearing for the race. She actually helped design the look herself.Danica said she's going to Indy to "win the thing." She admitted to For The Win that she's nervous waiting for the race, which is still two months away.

"Being nervous, waiting is not the worst thing in the world," Danica told the news source.

Danica Patrick will be No. 13 in the Indy 500 race that takes place at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Speedway, Indiana on Sunday, May 27.