Fabolous Video: Rapper Allegedly Punched Emily Bustamante Seven Times, Yelled At Her Dad And Made Gun Threats

Charles Sykes/InvisionAP Images

A new video of Fabolous raging at the mother of his children – Emily Bustamante – and threatening her and her father is going viral. As seen below, the graphic video obtained by TMZ displays the rapper known as Fabolous screaming and yelling at Emily and her dad and even issuing gun threats against them. The publication noted that the incident took place Wednesday, March 28, in Englewood, New Jersey. The rapper’s real name is John Jackson.

The video’s release comes on the heels of reports of Fabolous reportedly punching Emily B in the face seven times, as reported by Billboard. The same Wednesday evening that the activities were caught on tape, Fabolous turned himself into police. The publication pointed to court documents detailing a domestic dispute incident on March 7, which state that Fabolous allegedly punched Emily seven times in her face – with the Brooklyn rapper causing the 36-year-old Emily to lose two of her front teeth. On that date, Fabolous reportedly discovered Emily was in Los Angeles via Instagram.

TMZ reported that Fabolous held a sharp object in his hand when he made the threats at the New Jersey house in the driveway, all while Fabolous’ bodyguard tried to hold the rapper away from Emily and her father. Emily could be heard screaming at certain points in the video.

Fabolous and Emily have two children together. Emily’s dad can be heard calling Fabolous a coward and cursing, telling the rapper that Emily is his daughter after Fabolous asked Emily why her father was there.

Emily can be seen attempting to videotape Fabolous, which seemed to anger him more. A child could be heard crying in the video as well. Emily had spoken with authorities, telling them that she had asked her family members – her brother and her dad – to get two guns out of the house that she didn’t want Fabolous to use against her.

The 40-year-old rapper faces charges of aggravated assault and terroristic threats. The rapper is also well known for being a cast member of Love & Hip-Hop. Fabolous allegedly desired to hit Emily in the head with a baseball bat and threatened to kill her. Bustamante said she feared for her life.