Huawei P20 & P20 Pro Joined By Pricier Porsche Design Mate RS With New Tech Features

John LocherAP Images

Over the past week, Chinese mobile phone company Huawei revealed their new P20 and P20 Pro smartphones, along with a third model. That more expensive “high-end” model is the Porsche Design Mate RS phone. While it includes some aspects never seen before on an iPhone or Note smartphone, it also comes at a price. Here are the latest details on what Huawei is bringing out for high-end smartphone owners who can afford the new technology.

In a report from‘s Spencer Hart, some of the enticing new specifications and features are outlined of the new smartphone. For example, the Porsche Design Mate RS features an “in-display fingerprint scanner,” which is something neither the Samsung Note 9 or Apple iPhone have integrated into their devices yet. With Huawei’s technology, the owner can simply hover their finger over the display to unlock it, or touch the sensor below the screen to unlock it faster. In addition, the phone features a fingerprint sensor on the back side of the phone, giving owners another way to unlock their device.

This smartphone, which is said to feature Porsche Design on a P20 Pro phone, also includes a microcapsule PCM inside of it, which provides cooling to keep the phone from overheating. That “microcapsule” aspect is another selling point for those that want a truly unique phone as the Huawei model is the first to include it. The high-end Mate model also includes the same triple-camera system as the new P20 Pro phones.


For those considering the new Huawei smartphones against the upcoming Samsung Note 9 phone, it’s also said the Porsche Design Mate phone has a bigger battery. The Mate’s battery is said to be 4,000 mAh compared to a 3,850 mAH battery that may be inside the Note 9. As of this report, it’s not yet known what the battery will be in the Note 9, but it would be surprising to see Samsung best Huawei’s high-end phone offering.

A few days ago, Huawei Mobile’s Twitter gave consumers a look at the upcoming Porsche Design Mate RS phone in a video clip. The video shows off the phone’s slim design while touting its cameras, dual speakers, and other features. There’s also a Porsche featured in the clip to really drive home the high-end aspect of this phone based on beauty, symmetry, and of course speed.


While all of the new specs and features sound great, there’s still the fact the company isn’t able to sell their devices in the United States, for now at least. In addition, the Porsche Design Mate RS price tag may keep away everyone except the most tech-savvy consumers who are willing to spend for it. Prices for the 256GB model start at 1,500 British pounds which comes out to just over $2,100 in the United States. Then again, that’s the price one pays for luxury, especially when it comes to new technology.