Telstra Sends Epic FU To NBN, Annouces Switch On For 100mbs FTN

Australia’s biggest telco, and previous monopoly player has finally announced that they will switch on their 100mbps FTN network, a huge FU to the Australian Governments National Broadband Network.

The Fibre to Node Network, which was rolled out in Melbourne in 2008 but delayed to customers following the Australian Government’s announcement of a National Broadband Network (NBIN) is believed to pass over 1 million homes in the Melbourne metropolitan area.

As part of the role out, Telstra unveiled a PVR box to compliment its link in to Foxtel.

It’s not clear yet as to how much Melbourne people will pay to connect at 100mbps, but given previous Telstra pricing, it wont come cheap. Still, 100mbps…god it’s tempting.