David Hogg's Personal Vendetta Against Laura Ingraham Setting 'Dangerous Precedent,' Says Joe Concha

Mizuki Hisaka

Hogg went after Fox News' Laura Ingraham with full force after she posted on Twitter last Wednesday he was "whining" about not getting into several California colleges. This personal vendetta quickly escalated as he called for a boycott of her advertisers. He was successful as 11 companies so far have dropped advertisements with Ingraham's program, according to CBS News. Hogg won't relent even after Ingraham apologized, which has garnered criticism from publications like The Hill and the Daily Wire.

Ingraham was commenting on an article by the Daily Wire, which detailed his college rejections from popular UC schools. Hogg said that he wasn't surprised by the rejections and pointed out the sheer number of applicants can lead to people's voices not being heard.

Joe Concha from The Hill believes that there is a "fear of reprisal for criticizing Hogg, who has the benefit of being protected from any criticism while being free to level it." Indeed, criticism of Hogg receives large amounts of attention as evidenced not just by Ingraham but by other notable figures. For example, Meghan McCain faced huge backlash when she criticized Hogg's overuse of profanity, according to US Weekly.

Roseanne Barr was also under scrutiny after tweeting "NAZI SALUTE" next to a photo of Hogg's triumphant pose after giving a speech, detailed AOL.

Concha analyzed Hogg's actions, pointing out that he could potentially end Ingraham's career over this personal spat.

"But the effort to silence a voice, to essentially end a career, based on something like this sets not only a dangerous but completely un-American precedent."

The future of Hogg's effect on prominent figures and the gun control debate remains to be seen.