Donald Trump's America First Stance -- A New Turn Away From The Outside World In Tweets And Policy

Sandra Hajda

Donald Trump has taken to Twitter to re-affirm his commitment to American workers.

Trump emphasized throughout his controversial campaign that he would try to revitalize American industry. This earned him support from the Rust Belt group whose interests were de-emphasized during the 2000s, 1990s, and early 2010's as a cohort of globalist, pro-free trade thought leaders rose up in the cultural and political scene.

Trump's critics have called his approach provincial and backward. Supporters, including Silicon Valley leader Peter Thiel, have praised him for his realism and willingness to buck those trends, reports C-Span.

"Very unusually for a presidential candidate, he has questioned the core concept of American exceptionalism," Thiel said admiringly in one speech, praising Trump's willingness to question the idea that America has a duty of care as a powerful nation, and that it must intervene in world affairs by taking action to stabilize other economies, subsidizing health care for the rest of the world, and bringing periods of peace to war-ravaged regions via expensive military intervention (periods that often turned out to be short-lived, giving way to bloodier outbursts of violence when the democratic institutions put in place like thin gauze bandages failed to stay put in the troubled regions).

American grit and American pride will be the key engines for the coming positive change, the president said. has just reported that Trump plans to withdraw from Syria soon. Trump said in a recent address that it is time to withdraw and let the people deal with the situation.

"Going to get back to our country, where we belong, where we want to be," he said, in keeping with the theme of homeland pride.

Trump also bemoaned the amount of time and money that was spent on the Syrian intervention and said he was against it from the start.

There were some murmurs that Trump did not brief all key players before he made the announcement. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said she was not told.

"I am not, no. No," she said at a briefing when asked pointedly if she was aware of the Syria pull-out.

The Washington Post reports that Trump has fallen behind on the promises he made about infrastructure spending, but this may be because of a gridlock in Congress. The writer questions whether the Trump administration has made a strong enough push for that funding.

Perhaps the new Trump speech and tweets indicate that such a push is finally coming.

According to the Washington Post, the Trump administration has designated several separate weeks as "infrastructure week" already then failed to follow through each time.

The declarations "have become a running joke," claims Heather Long in the Washington Post's Wonkblog, an analysis blog.

"The weeks they pick almost always get derailed by controversy over unrelated issues," Long writes with a hint of amusement and exasperation.

President Donald Trump has delivered on expectations that his presidency will be scandal and controversy plagued. The president's colorful tweets, fiery phone calls with foreign leaders, comments about immigration, and an alleged affair with porn star Stormy Daniels have been fodder for media outrage.

Leftists and Liberals predicted that Trump would give us an economic collapse, a new fascist uprising, and possibly trigger a worldwide nuclear war.

Anti-Trumper and left-liberal comedian Samantha Bee went on The View recently to talk about the Trump administration, saying that it has been even more awful and mean-spirited than she expected.

Conservative leader Ben Shapiro gave a response during the 'Things I Hate' segment of his daily show, calling out Samantha Bee on her exaggerations.

Shapiro points out that the economy is good, everyone's doing pretty well, and there hasn't been a big assault on civil liberties. Shapiro accuses the Left of spinning itself into a frenzy needlessly and wonders why some people are still drinking up the anti-Trump material so enthusiastically.

"At a certain point, don't you get tired of being this panicked about stuff that's not going all that badly? Apparently not. Apparently there's still a big market for this. So, you know... whatever!"