Kylie Jenner Is Eager For Stormy Daniels To Fade Out Of The News Because Of Daughter, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

Mike WindleGetty Images

Kylie Jenner is not happy with the extensive coverage that Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who alleges that she slept with Donald Trump a decade ago, is getting, according to a new report by Hollywood Life.

Per a source who spoke to the publication, Kylie Jenner allegedly feels that Stormy’s increased media visibility in recent weeks has caused an increase of comparisons between Daniels and Kylie’s newborn daughter, Stormi with an “i.”

“Though the spelling is different and in no way was her daughter named after Stormy Daniels, Kylie is hoping that Stormy will be out of the news soon because she hates people tweeting and talking about her daughter having a porn star name,” said the source.

“Its bothering Kylie that people would even dare connect the two.”

If Hollywood Life’s source is to be believed and Kylie Jenner is really upset about the comparisons, then these feelings will probably persist for some time. Daniels’ visibility is higher than ever following her much-hyped 60 Minutes interview, which aired on March 25.

Among other things, Daniels revealed intimate details about her alleged encounter with Donald Trump during her appearance on 60 Minutes. Stormy also shared why she took so long to speak out about the affair, which she claims occurred in 2005. According to her, she attempted to come forward to US Weekly with details about the affair in 2011, but an encounter with a strange man who threatened her and her daughter made her rethink her decision.

Now, despite being served a cease and desist from Trump’s lawyer, Stormy Daniels is pressing ahead with her press tour about her alleged affair with the president, which is probably the last thing that Kylie Jenner wants to hear.

Why Did Kylie Jenner Name Her Daughter Stormi?

By the time Kylie Jenner chose the name, Stormy Daniels had already fessed up to her alleged past with Donald Trump, so she had to have known that the internet would make the connection. Perhaps she believed that people would hold off making disparaging comments, given that Stormi is an infant who should be off limits. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.

Shortly after Kylie Jenner announced her baby’s name, users on the internet started making jokes about it and comparing her to Daniels. Some people even questioned whether or not Kylie deliberately gave her daughter the actress’s name in order to garner more publicity about her.