Michael Schumacher Health Update: Formula 1 Legend 'No Longer In A Coma,' Pal Remembers Memories About Schumi

Most fans of Michael Schumacher are still clueless about his current health condition. The family of the Formula 1 legend has previously emphasized that they are not releasing any update about Schumi to protect their privacy. Despite this, devoted supporters of the German racing driver continue to show their love for him.

Michael Schumacher suffered from serious head injuries after he hit his head on a rock while skiing in the French Alps four years ago. Shortly after the accident, the Formula 1 legend was airlifted to Grenoble Hospital since he needed immediate medical attention. There, Schumi underwent two life-saving operations.

Michael Schumacher was left in a coma for several weeks following his admission, Mirror shared. His doctors frankly revealed that the German racing driver would have died if he had not been sporting a ski helmet at the time. In July 2014, the news outlet shared that it was announced that the Formula 1 legend was no longer in a coma and that he had been transferred to his Swiss home near Lake Geneva after spending months in the hospital.

Recently, Italian billionaire Piero Ferrari shared his memories about Michael Schumacher to TZ, which is a publication based in Munich, Germany. Express reported the 72-year-old businessman stated that the Formula 1 legend was an emotional driver. Piero's company previously paid tribute to Schumi as it prepared for the Australian Grand Prix 2018. A massive banner with the Ferrari logo and the phrase "Michael Forever" was hung on the side of the racing track.

"Schumacher was incredibly precise. He took all the data home with him to analyse in peace."
Aside from Michael Schumacher, Piero Ferrari also talked about Lewis Hamilton. He said that the 33-year-old British racing driver possesses the qualities of a true champion. The automotive company exec added that the four-time Formula One World Champion is a very humble person, even if he "looks extravagant" on the outside.
"A true champion brings in his own qualities. And Lewis obviously has a lot of it. From the outside Hamilton looks extravagant, but in truth he is not so."
In a separate report, Express shared that avid followers of Michael Schumacher have continued showing their support despite the lack of details about his health state. The publication shared that fans of the Formula 1 legend used the hashtag #keepfightingmichael on social media to express their loyalty to Schumi. Supporters of the German racing driver has even flooded his official website with heartfelt messages in different languages.
Corinna Betsch told the press, in November 2017, that they will remain tight-lipped about the present health condition of her husband. She said something serious has happened to the Formula 1 legend and they want details about his condition to be kept as private as possible. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates about Michael Schumacher!