‘Alaskan Bush People’ Update: Brown Family Urged To Stop ‘Pretending’ Neighbors ‘Want Them Out’ Of Washington

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Alaskan Bush People remains to be one of the most-talked-about television shows in the past decade due to a handful of controversies that hounded the series. Discovery Channel has yet to confirm if its devoted viewers could expect another installment. Despite this, many fans are now thrilled for the supposed upcoming premiere of the ABP Season 8.

Ami Brown and her family have been documenting their lives in the middle of the woods for seven seasons already. The series’ earliest episodes followed the clan traveling across Alaska to make a home and establish a homestead. However, new reports suggest that Alaskan Bush People Season 8 would be slightly different from the previous installments.

In November 2017, Radar Online claimed that Alaskan Bush People Season 8 is very likely to happen. In other words, avid followers of the show would be able to see Ami, 54, Billy, 64, Rain, 14, Bird, 22, Noah, 24, Gabe, 27, Bear 30, Bam Bam, 33 and Matthew, 35, together again on television. The entertainment news outlet even shared that Ami’s battle against stage-4 lung cancer is going to be the highlight of the new installment.

However, earlier this week, In Touch Weekly published a story featuring some fans’ thoughts about the forthcoming Alaskan Bush PeopleSeason 8. The publication claimed that many viewers think Ami Brown and the rest of her family should “stop pretending” to be living an isolated life in the middle of the forest. Rumors suggest that the clan is planning to go back to the bush so they could continue the show.

“I guess at this location they’ll be called ‘Bushless Ex-Alaskans’ or some dumba– nomadic name to get people to tune in.”

Another fan lambasted Rain after she shared a clip of herself chopping wood. “Getting back in the swing of things,” the 14-year-old Alaskan Bush People star wrote in the caption. The Facebook user claimed that Ami Brown’s daughter has already forgotten “how to pretend to live in the bush” after spending a couple of months in California.

“It is obvious she has never done that before even though she captioned it ‘getting back into the swing of things.'”

Speculations about the popular Discovery television series’ supposed fakery first sparked after it was claimed that Alaskan Bush People star Ami Brown and her family did not really live in the bush. A separate Radar Online report claimed that the clan was sighted staying at the Icy Strait Lodge when the camera was not rolling. An unnamed source even claimed that Matthew was seen having a good time at the lodging’s bar on several occasions.

“Matt is very good with the ladies, charming and funny. A natural flirt. He holds nothing back when trying to get up a girl’s skirt. He even has memorized pick up lines!”

Other reports suggest that Ami Brown and her family are being hated by their new neighbors in Omak, Washington. Rumors have it that nearby residents immensely dislike the fact that the Alaskan Bush People stars are living in the area. They reportedly want all of them to be uprooted from the reactionary municipality.

“Omak is a small conservative town. We’re not like Hollywood and we don’t like strangers running around. We’re old school. We can’t tolerate having them in our town.”

While these reports could be accurate, it is important to note that Ami Brown and her family has yet to confirm or deny these claims. Hence, avid followers of the clan should take these unverified claims lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

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