NFL Rumors: Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski Trade Chances Could Be Increasing With Teams, Per ‘Boston Sports Journal’

Steven SenneAP Images

The NFL rumors involving Rob Gronkowski possibly retiring from the league in pursuit of a new career continue, but there are also rumors he might be traded. While the star tight end has been part of the Patriots’ offense for seven years or so now, it could be time to part ways. A recent Boston Sports Journal report is also suggesting a few teams that the New England Patriots could end up trading Gronkowski to. Here are the latest details on why the Pats might decide to trade Gronkowski based on his situation with the team and what squad might acquire the Pro Bowler.

While Gronkowski has become one of the top offensive players for New England along with Tom Brady, could the team decide he’s no longer part of the plan? On Thursday, comments from Boston Sports Journal’s Greg Bedard (via NESN) suggest trade possibilities. In the report on the Journal, Bedard discusses a possibility of the New England Patriots deciding to part ways with Rob Gronkowski by trading him. Bedard mentions that head coach Bill Belichick may start “warming up” to the idea of his team going forward without Gronkowski and that would facilitate a trade.


As Bedard mentioned, a source believes the chances of a trade increase the longer “Gronk” goes without making a serious decision.

“A Bill Belichick-friendly source agreed with my thinking that once a player makes Belichick start to contemplate life without him, Belichick starts to warm to being without that player. ‘(Belichick) imagines you gone. The longer Gronkowski goes without saying he’s all in, the chances of him being traded increases,’ the source said.”

For the New England Patriots, they’ve had Gronkowski since the 2010 NFL season, and he’s been a favorite target for quarterback Tom Brady over the years. Gronk has racked up 7,179 yards and 76 touchdowns on 474 receptions. He’s also been part of two Super Bowl teams during that stretch and has earned five Pro Bowl appearances along with five first-team selections during his career. In addition, he’s been mostly healthy, as he’s missed half or more of the team’s games in just two seasons.

So to where might the New England Patriots send “Gronk”? Bedard believes an “ideal” fit for Gronkowski could be the San Francisco 49ers, who now are guided by former Patriots backup Jimmy Garoppolo. It’s mentioned that San Francisco has the cap space available to absorb Gronkowski’s salary. In addition, it’s suggested that the 49ers would be “willing to overpay” for Gronkowski based on the deal they got with the Garoppolo trade from New England.

One other team mentioned as a potential trade destination for Rob Gronkowski is the Los Angeles Rams. This is a team that has been quite active during the offseason, particularly in terms of improving their roster’s defense even more. However, adding Gronkowski as a target for Jared Goff would certainly help give L.A. a new weapon on offense. It’s believed that the Rams might send a draft pick or two in exchange for the Pats’ tight end. That could be just a late first-round pick, or possibly a package of a high second-round and third-round pick.

Rob Gronkowski has told everyone he’s taking a look at his future, but many people are waiting for the big news of what he plans to do. All of that said, New England Patriots fans are still hoping that Gronk gives a better indication of his future before the team gets too restless over waiting for that news.