President Trump Hits Golf Course As His Good Friday Message On Passover And Easter Hits YouTube [Video]

Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

President Donald Trump landed at approximately 5:50 p.m. on Thursday, March 29 in preparation for Easter weekend, with protestors and supporters lining up near Flagler Drive to greet his motorcade, as reported by the Palm Beach Post. USA Today reporter Ledyard King, who covers Florida, created a new report titled “Subject: Out of town pool report #2″ on Saturday, March 30.

King noted that President Trump left Mar-a-Lago at 9:21 a.m. on Saturday on a “mostly sunny” day that is “a bit breezy, and 75 with forecast calling for highs in the mid-80s.” The motorcade arrived at Trump International Golf Club at approximately 9:32 a.m., with reporters waiting at Palm Beach County public library across the street as they wait to learn more about the president’s schedule for the day and who his golfing partners might be.

Meanwhile, the above video titled “President Donald J. Trump Delivers a Message about Passover and Easter” was published to the YouTube account of the White House on Saturday. President Trump spoke about the holy time of the year when families across the nation gather in their homes, churches, and synagogues to light candles and to praise God.

President Trump referenced the sacred holiday of Passover, calling it a time when “Jewish families around the world give thanks to God for liberating the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt and delivering them to the promised land of Israel.”

Trump noted that Christians “remember the suffering and death of God’s only Son and his glorious Resurrection on the third day.” Trump recalled that on Easter Sunday, Christians proclaim with joy that Christ is risen.

Trump said that “both of the sacred celebrations remind us of God’s love that redeems the world.” He also turned to a biblical passage “from almost 3,000 years ago,” when he quoted Isaiah 60:2. As reported by Bible Hub, the verse of Scripture speaks of darkness covering the earth and “thick darkness” being “over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you.”

Trump said the Lord will be “your everlasting life” and noted that “we trust in the power of the Almighty for wisdom and strength and we praise our heavenly father for the blessings of freedom and the gift of eternal life.” He signed off by wishing viewers a happy Passover and a happy Easter, thanking them and saying, “God bless you and God bless America.”