‘Teen Mom OG’ Mackenzie Edwards Allegedly Knew Husband Ryan Was On Drugs For Over A Year, Reports Grace Report

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Those who watch Teen Mom OG will remember that Mackenzie Edwards told Maci Bookout during one of the reunion specials that she had no idea her husband, Ryan Edwards, was on drugs until a day or two before they tied the knot. During the special, she wrote a letter to Maci, Ryan’s ex and mother of his son, Bentley, saying that she was humiliated on national television and that she found it inappropriate that Maci had discussed Ryan’s drug issues with the other stars of Teen Mom OG.

While many balked at this claim, YouTuber the Grace Report states that Mackenzie outed herself as knowing about Ryan’s drug use in a recent statement about his arrest earlier this week.

Although Ryan Edwards was arrested for violating his probation, Mackenzie stated that the Teen Mom OG star was actually clean and that it was “normal procedure.” She also claims that this was related to an arrest made in April of 2017 related to his heroin use. However, the Grace Report points out that this was well over a month before the pair tied the knot, so it is obvious that Mackenzie would have known about his drug problem for at least a month before their wedding.

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The Grace Report even goes so far as to call Maci Bookout a saint for sitting there while Mackenzie blamed her for her husband’s drug use. Maci discussing Ryan’s drug issues was a major catalyst for him seeking treatment; however, Ryan’s family, who had once been close with Maci, became estranged from her when they saw her talking about his drug problem on an episode of Teen Mom OG.

Many have also questioned Mackenzie’s story that the arrest was standard procedure, as Ryan was sent to prison for at least five hours before being bailed out. His bail was set at $5,000, though it is unclear who paid it for him.

The Grace Report has gone as far as to call Mackenzie a predator, saying that anyone in their right mind wouldn’t pursue a relationship with someone who has so many issues with drugs, to the point of him nodding out while driving on their wedding day.