Curious Kim Kardashian Begs To Know Who Bit Beyonce, Reports 'Hollywood Life'

The mystery of who bit Beyonce on the face rages on. Following, Tiffany Haddish's revelation about the incident, which occurred during a Jay Z after-party last year, Beyonce fans have been hunting for clues as to who the celebrity might be. The only clue she offered during GQ interview was that it was an actress. The incident seemingly didn't bother the Lemonade singer, who instead asked Tiffany to enjoy the party.

And now, according to Hollywood Life, reality star Kim Kardashian West is curious to know about the biter's identity and is apparently begging pal Chrissy Teigen, 31, to tell her. According to a source who spoke to the site, Kim Kardashian wishes to know the identity of the audacious actress who bit the singer. To Kim and Kanye, the story is hilarious.

Although Kim's husband, Kanye West, has been curious, he has not been able to talk to Jay Z about it, firstly because of the triviality of the matter and secondly because they are not as close as they used to be, according to Hollywood Life.

On the Kim Kardashian-Beyonce relationship, the two have a complicated friendship, which has at times spawned numerous controversies. Earlier this month, it was rumored that Beyonce threw subtle shade at Kim Kardashian in her latest song "Top Off," which featured Jay Z, DJ Khaled, and Future.

In the song, Beyonce is said to have referenced the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star's attempts to "break the internet" in a line that reads "I'm the only lady here, still the realest n***a in the room. I break the internet, top two and I ain't number two." In the song, Beyonce also states, "My body, my ice, my cash, all real, I'm a triple threat."

And on who bit Beyonce, the jury is still out, although a fair number of female celebrities have been targeted by the curious Beyhive.

The list includes Girls star Lena Dunham, who responded a few days ago on Twitter, stating, "As the patron saint of 'She would do that...' I didn't."

Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lawrence were not spared either, with their representatives openly denying they had anything to do with it. Gwyneth Paltrow was also targeted by curious fans, but Chrissy Teigen rushed to her defense, saying it wasn't her, via Twitter. On who bit Beyonce, the curious mob rolls on.