Bryce Harper: I Take 7 Showers A Day

Bryce Harper takes 7 showers a day.

But, no, it’s not because the young phenom gets ungodly dirty every few hours before he plays. No, Harper is just extremely superstitious.

Harper told Jimmy Kimmel:

“When I was growing up I was really superstitious … I still am. I get to the field at 12 o’clock for a 7:05 game, and it starts from there. I shower seven times while I’m at the field and I don’t even need to. Yeah, it’s bad.”

And that isn’t the only superstition that Harper has. In addition to taking 7 showers a day, he also eats Eggo waffles, wears the same t-shirt, and makes himself a peanut butter and honey sandwich before every game.

Harper continued:

“As long as I’m doing good or my team’s winning, I’m gonna keep doing the same thing. Wearing the same undershirt, I mean, I eat Eggo waffles. It has to be Eggo before the game. I mean, it’s really weird. PB and honey, I mean, I’m really superstitious.”

Superstitions aren’t uncommon in professional sports, but showering 7 times a day may cross the line into some type of obsessive compulsive disorder. But can you really mock Harper’s methods? The 20-year-old hit 22 home runs and earned the National League rookie of the year award in 2012.

Here’s a video of Bryce Harper’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel.

Do you think it’s strange that Bryce Harper takes 7 showers a day?