American Woman Wakes Up Speaking With An English Accent After Head Injury [Video]


An American woman suddenly started speaking with an English accent after sustaining a head injury.

The Daily Mail is reporting that Ashley Bosma, 28, was struck over the head during a home invasion and was unconscious for a few days.

After spending a few weeks in the hospital, receiving treatment for her head injury, the 28-year-old returned back home. According to her, apart from an occasional lack of focus and mental clarity, everything was back to normal.

However, a month later, Ashley’s American accent disappeared and was replaced with an English accent. The mother-of-one alleged that she had never set foot in the U.K. before, adding that the closest connection she ever had with the country was the Harry Potter books she used to read when she was younger.

Ashley said while growing up, she was more impressed with mimicking a French accent and only had one British friend, who she has not spoken to in three years.

The 28-year-old, who said her weird accent sometimes wavered between South Africa and Australia, revealed that it had become a hilarious reoccurrence with her friends and family. Ashley said because of her new accent, her loved ones were now quoting lines from Mrs. Doubtfire and Monty Python around her.

Doctors believe Ashley is suffering from foreign accent syndrome — an uncommon speech disorder often caused by brain injuries.

According to an ABC News feature, the syndrome causes an abrupt change in speech patterns to the point that a native speaker is seen speaking with a foreign accent.

Inasmuch as most cases of foreign speech syndrome have been linked to severe cases of brain injury, multiple sclerosis, as well as severe migraines, have also been associated with the disorder.

There are currently over 150 confirmed cases of foreign speech syndrome.

Ashley admitted that she now suffered social anxiety attacks because people always accused her of faking her accent. The former mechanic, who is currently training to become a paramedic, also said people were always asking where she was from when she spoke.

“Whenever me and my husband go out, someone will always ask me about where I’m from and then we have to explain it all—my husband has perfected his explanation.”

The police are still searching for the intruder who cracked Ashley’s skull with a cast iron skillet.

In 2010, Sarah Colwill was hospitalized after a terrible migraine, and when she woke up, her English accent had been replaced with a poor Chinese impression.

Colwill, speaking to the HuffPost about her neurological condition, revealed that if she said “you cannot,” it always came out as “you c**t.”

Michelle Myers also suffers from foreign accent syndrome. The Phoenix native woke up one day with an Irish accent. Myers, speaking to Irish Central, said people always felt she was a nanny when out with her kids.

U.K. woman Kay Russell woke up with a French accent, while Texan Lisa Alamia woke up with a British accent. The most bizarre of cases has to be Alun Morgan, who started speaking Welsh after a stroke — his last visit to Wales was 70 years ago. The 81-year-old man spoke impeccable English before his rare brain disorder.